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Drizly integrates Web into its mobile-first strategy

Mobile has driven the efforts of adult-beverage delivery service Drizly, which has recently integrated Web ordering to offer a multi-screen experience.

Business has come to a point of prioritizing mobile in its efforts, and regarding Drizly, its strategy has shown to pay off. By widening its scope to mobile and desktop Web, the company is likely opening itself up to more advertising sectors for extended reach.

“Because we are rarely without our phones, having a mobile presence makes you available to the consumer regardless of location,” said Kerry McGovern senior director of communications and media at Drizy, Inc., New York. “It’s as simple as being available where the Drizly user lives.”

Drinking in mobile
Drizly is one of the newest of a host of startups that has emerged in recent years to reinvent traditional industries by translating their services to mobile and the Web.

Consumers of legal drinking age simply download the app to their smartphone, where they can browse among 1,000-3,500 products depending on locality and supply, and pay the same price as in-store. Delivery is guaranteed within 20-40 minutes with ID’s validated using the app’s proprietary verification technology that allows drivers to scan a driver’s license.

Drizly executives believe its recent move to a multi-screen approach will increase business 20-30 percent per year.

Drizly continues to spread its services into the suburbs of Boston but currently serves residents in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, also.

“The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently released the following findings, which demonstrate why Drizly is uniquely positioned to succeed on mobile,” Ms. McGovern said. “According to the study, 83 percent of drinkers own smartphones, in sharp contrast to the general U.S. population, which is 65 percent.

“They are also much more inclined to make purchases on mobile devices in comparison to the typical U.S. consumer, which is 38 percent versus 25 percent.”

The Drizly team is also welcoming a new hire Phuc Truong, who will become the new senior vice president of strategic ad solutions. Mr. Truong comes from Mobext, the specialist mobile brand within Havas Media, where he led mobile marketing and advertising efforts.

This recruitment shows the brand’s constant push towards mobile innovations.

Filling cups
Drizly reported an 83 percent lift in spirit sales over the Fourth of July holiday, marking a record week for the mobile lifestyle service and indicating that beer, wine and liquor retailing is ripe for the shift to an on-demand economy.

Drizly works similarly to Deliv, Uber, Seamless and Amazon, partnering with local beverage retailers to distribute goods. Drizly reported overall sales were up 30 percent via mobile ordering for the week of June 30-July 6, compared with the weekly June average. Beer sales increased week-over-week and accounted for 39 percent of purchases (see story).

“In this day and age, we demand convenience in all facets of life,” Ms. McGovern said. “In most cases, it is our phones that serve as the tool to deliver that convenience.”

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York