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Does the average college kid buy products and services via mobile?

Mobile Commerce Daily intern Gabby Kalika attends Chapman University in Orange County, CA. She walked around school asking fellow students if they had ever bought anything from their mobile devices.

College students live on their mobile phones. They text, surf the Web, talk and download applications. The assumption was that they are also open to making purchases using their devicess

However, that is not the cases with the majority of the people interviewed. Here is what some students said:

“Yes, I got my books from and on my phone.” – Morgan Traut

“I only buy apps and music and magazines through my iPhone.” – Dev Tejwani

“Yes, but I don’t remember what.” – Cassie Williams

“I’ve bought music, games and shows.” – Emmeline Kim

“No I have not.” – Jack Lundin

“No I have never purchased anything by my phone.” – Robin Coe

“I have never bought anything from my mobile phone because I am not comfortable giving my credit card information on my phone. Even still, I would like confirmation that an offer is real, and I am not sure I would be quite certain over the phone.” – Karina Nahai

“I have Internet, so I’ve done purchases on Web sites like and other mobile sites.” – Morgan O’Donnell

“Yes, I bought flowers for my fiancé through my phone.” – Nick Mauceri

“Yes, I’ve bought concert tickets, sneakers, airline tickets, ring tones, iTunes music. That’s pretty much it, I would say. Even pizza, from Dominos.” – Victoria Smith

“Yea, I’ve purchased stuff on my phone before.” – Nikki Weiss

“Never bought anything on my phone before.” – Dominic Marrese

“I never purchase anything by phone.” – Haley Madsen

“I’ve only bought applications and music through my phone.” – Cyrus Kowsari

“I do a lot of clothes shopping on my iPhone.” – Katrena Chen

“I think buying things over the mobile Web is sketchy.” – Emily Manheim

“Sometimes I’ll donate money or just browse through some stores.” – Nalani Haviland

“I don’t really buy anything through my phone.” – Kelsi Mathey