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Disney aims to increase ticket sales for new film via mobile

The company is running the mobile campaign within Fandango’s iPhone application. Studios are heavily using mobile to drive awareness and revenue for new films.

“Disney is pushing out this new mobile campaign to promote its new film with Fandango,” said Isabella Lin, content director at Appitalism.

“Disney also had two other apps to coincide with The Frankenweenie release,” she said. “Disney made this promotion available to all smartphones, including Microsoft’s mobile operating system.”

“The application has some cool features, and open a flexible customization of the user interface of the Frankenweenie. From the main screen can see almost all of the promotional materials published so far, including all of the trailer, the exclusive application of the trailer, a pile of wallpaper, you may click ‘See the movie in IMAC 3D’ or click ‘See this movie in Digital 3D’, you could check the showtime; cast + info; Reviews. stills and other media files.”

Ms. Lin is not affiliated with Disney. She commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Disney did not respond to press inquiries.

Mobile ticketing
While consumers browse the Fandango mobile app, a full page Frankenweenie ad appears.

Through the campaign, consumers are able to buy tickets for the film, watch a video to learn more about it or simply skip the ad to no longer interact with it.

If consumers choose to buy tickets, they are taken to Fandango’s Frankenweenie page where they can check out showtimes to see when and where the film is playing, as well as check out cast information and view critic and fan reviews.

A mobile campaign such as this is a great way for Disney to drive awareness for its film and entice consumers to buy tickets for it.

Consumers are always on the go, and mobile advertising provides marketers with a great opportunity to reach consumers.

New star
Mobile is becoming Hollywood’s newest sweetheart.

Studios such as Lionsgate, Sony, Warner Bros. and Fox are increasingly turning to the medium to drive engagement and awareness for new films.

“Disney’s made a very neat marketing promotion, a smart social network automatically virtuous circle,” Ms. Lin said. “Disney’s is not stranger to using mobile or apps to promote its films.

“Disney’s has been very active on the mobile platform, promoting films been the top, this is no secret, when it comes to smart phone application or promotional activities, regularly dominated the charts, iPhone and Android app stores, and accumulated a large number of loyal consumers,all other categories of mobile and much more,” she said.

“Promotional activities of the mobile phone, and therefore represent Disney’s brand power and marketing opportunities, and can open a whole new way of interaction with potential customers.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York