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Dish Network lets customers watch live TV on Android tablets

Dish Network LLC’s free application that lets its pay-television customers watch live and recorded TV on the go has been optimized for the higher-pixel Android tablet screens.

Dish Network customers with a broadband-connected, Sling-enabled device such as the Sling Adapter—a small place-shifting device that pairs with Dish Network’s ViP 722 or 722k HD DVRs—can view live and recorded TV on Android tablets. Already available on smartphones, the iPad and laptops, the Dish Remote Access is available as a free download in Android Market.

“We recognize that consumer demand for content is changing, and consumers are increasingly desiring the option to watch whatever they want, wherever they want,” said Francie Bauer, corporate communications manager at Dish Network, Englewood, CO. “TV Everywhere is our answer to that demand.

“Using Sling technology, Dish Network provides its customers the ability to take the TV subscription they already pay for on the go,” she said. “Anything they can watch on their living room TV, including live TV and DVR content, can now be enjoyed anywhere else using a tablet, smartphone or computer.

“Among other devices, Android tablets are a natural fit for watching TV content, and we plan to support its users now and through future versions of the Android tablet platform.”

Dish Network Corp., through its subsidiary Dish Network LLC, claims to have more than 14.2 million satellite TV customers.

Satellite TV on the go
Dish Network customers can access TV channels on tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well as the many new Android-based tablet devices that are about to hit the market.

In addition to TV viewing, the Dish Remote Access application at also lets Dish Network customers with compatible DVRs browse and search up to nine days of programming, schedule DVR recordings, manage conflicts, delete shows on multiple receivers and use the Android tablet as a remote control.

In addition to Android tablets, Dish Remote Access is also available for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Google’s Android mobile phones and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry devices.

While the applications currently come advertising-free, users viewing live or recorded TV will see the same ads that run across those channels.

Dish is getting the word out about its applications via marketing tactics across broadcast media, print and the Web, targeting both its existing subscriber base and new customers.

“We believe we can increase the number of Dish Network subscribers and make our existing subscribers more satisfied with our service by providing them this value-add service that allows them to make the most of their TV subscription,” Ms. Bauer said.

“We want as many of our subscribers as possible using this technology, and have worked to make it a very easy technology to enjoy,” she said.

“Some of the required technology for TV Everywhere is not free, but we are offering it at attractive prices to maximize adoption by our subscribers.”

Final Take
Dan Butcher, associate editor, Mobile Commerce Daily