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Digital Chocolate partners with Offerpal to monetize game

Offerpal Media is helping monetize the virtual currency for Digital Chocolate’s MMA Pro Fighter game on the Facebook platform.

With the Offerpal service, consumers can purchase the game’s virtual currency, Pro Points, via mobile billing, prepaid debit cards and ewallets. Consumers can also earn Pro Points by taking part in targeted advertising offers such as free trials, big-brand discounts, shopping rewards and online surveys.

“The goal is to give our users as many options as possible for how they choose to buy virtual currency for use in the game,” said Trip Hawkins, founder/CEO of Digital Chocolate, San Mateo, CA. “Offerpal is also increasing our ability to control what options we consider to be sensible for our customers.”

Digital Chocolate is a publisher of Omni games, games that reach mass market consumers across all platforms, including mobile and online social networks.

Offerpal is a provider of virtual currency monetization for online games, virtual worlds and social networks. The company’s payment platform lets consumers earn or buy virtual currency by completing targeted advertising offers or by purchasing it through direct, global payment options.

Mobile payments go Pro
Pro Points can be redeemed for in-game items, stamina and other virtual items to further enhance the experience and reward users for their engagement.

The MMA Pro Fighter game gives consumers the chance to virtually brawl with their friends as they compete to become the best fighter in the ring.

The game was created specifically to take advantage of the Facebook platform.

Consumers will be able to build and develop their fighter and compete with friends to reach the top of the ranks.

Fighting for control
Mr. Hawkins said improved controls from Offerpal lets Digital Chocolate avoid some of the growing pains that the industry had last year. Digital Chocolate has more control over what choices it offers to customers.

Digital Chocolate found that virtual goods appeal to all demographics of its games – there is not one single age group or gender that uses it more.

Mr. Hawkins said consumers are ready for mobile payments. Zong and Boku are payment services offered by Digital Chocolate and Offerpal’s partnership.

“We’ve added new payment features in order to give our users more choice in how they pay for virtual currency and to help monetize our games more effectively,” Mr. Hawkins said.