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Digby expands mobile commerce product offering

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Chris Harnick interviewed Dave Sikora, CEO of Digby, to get a deeper understanding of the partnership. Here is what he said:

What is the strategy behind the acquisition?
The Movaya acquisition adds important new capabilities to Digby’s product offering, provides significant new development and production capacity and allows Digby to enter the Asian marketplace.

What challenges does the acquisition address for Digby?
The Movaya platform and team significantly extends our current platform and overall production capacity as well as enabling localized versions of our software platform to be offered to existing and new customers.

In addition, our new offices in Chengdu will allow us to serve the largest and fastest growing mobile market on the planet.
How big is mobile commerce in Asia?
Mobile commerce is a mature activity in Japan, while it is just beginning to get underway in China and other parts of Asia.

In China alone there are 700 million cell phone subscribers with almost no iPhones or BlackBerrys in-market.

Smartphone adoption will increase rapidly during the next three years, which is a pre-requisite for real shopping from mobile devices.
What needs to be done for mobile commerce to get bigger in America?
Smartphone penetration recently hit 20 percent in the United States. This has proven to be an ecommerce tipping point – in 2001, broadband penetration in the home reached 20 percent which proved to be a significant catalyst for ecommerce activity.

Where is mobile commerce going in the U.S. and globally?
We believe that smartphones will cannibalize many daily tasks/activities that up until now were completed with laptop and desktop computers.

As smartphone penetration increases, more and more computing tasks will be completed with these devices. 

Buying products, physical goods ecommerce, will be one of the higher growth activities.