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Delicious Vinyl rolls out commerce-enabled Romplr hip-hop app

Independent hip-hop label Delicious Vinyl is letting fans buy tracks from Young MC, the Pharcyde and Tone Loc, and remix them on their Apple mobile device.

The label tapped mobile entertainment agency skyrockit to bring fans the next generation of Romplr, the remix platform that delivers iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users a personalized music experience by letting them buy and remix their favorite songs. In addition to being able to remix their tracks, Delicious Vinyl is giving fans a chance to win a Grand Prize package of Delicious Vinyl gear including a dookie chain, skate deck, t-shirt and collection of albums on Vinyl.

“Delicious Vinyl is a classic hip-hop label, and we’re excited to work with their team,” said Jon Vlassopulos, CEO of skyrockit, San Francisco. “A lot of these tracks have never been released before, and it should also be fun for people to rebuild the famous tracks they know and love.

“In-app purchasing has become a more elegant process,” he said. “Apple makes in-app purchasing reasonably seamless for developers and consumers.

“As for the sweepstakes, the physical-digital connection kind of fun, and it’s a good thing for brands to leverage, because it drives engagement with the app.”

Founded in Los Angeles in 1987, Delicious Vinyl is the home of some of the biggest hits of the golden age of hip-hop. This year, the label celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Skyrockit, formerly known as Moderati, is a subsidiary of Japan-based branded entertainment shop Bellrock Media, with backing from Yoshimoto Kogyo, a Japanese talent management and production agency.

The Delicious Vinyl Romplr application is powered by skyrockit’s Romplr Remix platform, which has been white-labeled previously by artists such as 50 Cent, SouljaBoy Tell ‘Em, the Alchemist and Jeremih.

Delicious commerce app
Fans can use the Delicious Vinyl Romplr application to engage with hits from artists such as the Pharcyde, Tone Loc, Young MC, Fatlip, the Brand New Heavies and Bobby Evans.

Romplr lets fans to interact with music by creating their own versions of tracks by their favorite artists, thereby becoming part of the creative process themselves.

The Delicious Vinyl Romplr application gives fans access to the key elements of the original recording and provides creative tools to connect with and personalize their favorite tracks.

The application, which comes free with a remixable version of Bobby Evan’s hit Freak-A-Zoid Robotz, offers additional tracks, including the Pharcyde’s Runnin’ and Tone Loc’s Wild Thing, for $1.99 each or as a bundle for $5.99.

Currently promotional pricing of $0.99 per track and $4.99 per bundle is in effect.

Here is a screengrab of the application’s commerce portal:

Delicious Vinyl Romplr is available in the App Store at

Users can record and share their personal mixes via Facebook, email or on the online interactive music companion site at

“For Delicious Vinyl, it is extremely important to generate awareness about the app, so they decided to run the sweepstakes—anyone who downloads the app is entered to win all sorts of fun stuff, swag from Delicious Vinyl,” Mr. Vlassopulos said.

“We’re spreading the word through our Apple colleagues, and it’s being promoted across the Delicious Vinyl Web properties,” he said. “They’re also getting their artists to reach out and speak about it.

“We’re also considering a marketing spend in the next couple of weeks or so to give it an extra push, as well as online video to drive additional interest and awareness.”