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Dealmap app aggregates and maps nearby local deals

The Dealmap is providing a resource for consumers to find and share local deals via a new application available in Apple’s App Store.

The new application gives consumers a view of nearby local and daily deals, letting iPhone and iPod touch users access more than 350,000 local deals throughout the United States and Britain. People can also filter deals by business categories or type of deal, as well as add and share deals with their friends.

“Our iPhone app is the first to give a comprehensive view of the deals around you, with more than 350,000 local deals,” said Dan Visnick, vice president of marketing at The Dealmap, Menlo Park, CA. “The Dealmap is the only app to aggregate daily deals from Groupon, Living Social and various other sources, and consumers and businesses can add deals.

“One of our goals is to give people access to local deals wherever and whenever they want them—via Facebook, Twitter, email and now access to comprehensive list of local deals via the application,” he said.

“This is our first foray into mobile, and we’re also working on an Android app right now.”

The Dealmap is owned and operated by Center’d Corp., a local search and discovery company that organizes and distributes unique content based on its SentimentAnalysis technology.

The Dealmap aggregates local deals on the Web and makes them available to consumers through its Web site, social applications, daily emails and now its mobile application.

Currently, more than 300,000 people receive daily deal updates through the company’s email and Twitter programs.

What’s the Dealmap?
The Dealmap announced that it has signed several new distribution agreements, adding Wcities, Topix and Aloqa to its list of partners and demonstrating continued demand for the company’s deal content and monetization platform.

The company also has relationships with national deal providers, including,, Citysearch and Valpak.

The application lets consumers view nearby deals that appeal to their personal interests and enables consumers and businesses to add and share deals.

Additionally, the application includes offers that range from national sources and deals from social media sites to a collection of popular daily deals, all in one place.

The Dealmap also captures previously hard-to-find deals—such as sales posted on a local store window but not advertised anywhere else—by letting consumers and business submit them directly and by using game-like rewards to create incentives for doing so. 

A map display view lets users see exactly where deals are relative to their own location.

Features of the application include:

• Offers from nearly 100 local daily deal sources, all in one place

• Map and list views of deals with filters for 10 business categories and 8 deal types

• Ability for consumers and businesses to quickly add deals with photos that will be featured throughout The Dealmap network

• Deal-sharing functionality through Facebook, Twitter and email

• A saving feature so people can view deals later

• Opportunities to earn status and rewards, including points, badges and free gift certificates by adding and sharing deals

Through its publicly available APIs, developers can add unique local deal content to their sites or applications for free, and by signing a commercial agreement they can drive incremental revenue. 

The Dealmap also made customizable, plug-and-play widgets available for publishers that do not have the technical resources to use its APIs.

By using the widgets, publishers can add engaging local deal content to their site for free. 

The company is spreading the word through its own sources, promoting it on its Web site and to the 300,000-plus people who receive daily updates through Twitter and email.

The company is also looking at some select advertising through mobile applications, possibly partnering with a mobile ad network.

While the application currently does not feature any advertising, The Dealmap is thinking about ad support down the road after it builds up its install base.

“This app is the only place people can get an aggregate view of all of the daily deals around them in their area via mobile,” Mr. Visnick said. “Our goal is to make previously hard-to-find deals easily accessible.”

Final Take
Dan Butcher, associate editor, Mobile Commerce Daily