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Dazbog Coffee drives consumers in-store via mobile initiative

The brand partnered with Mocapay for the mobile initiative. The gourmet coffee company is using Mocapay’s mobile platform to reach consumers.

“This is Mocapay’s first coffee and snack partnership,” said Kevin Grieve, CEO of Mocapay, Denver.

“Through this partnership Dazbog is able to increase customer loyalty and interaction by always being with the customer, on their mobile phone,” he said.

Dazbog Coffee, is a Denver headquartered gourmet coffee company that operates stores in six states serving freshly brewed coffee, tea, specialty drinks, and roasted coffee beans.

Mocapay is a mobile integrated marketing and sales platform for merchants to broaden their loyalty and gift programs by mobilizing sales and marketing to reach customers anytime.

Dazbog Coffee will initially launch Mocapay’s mobile platform at its Colorado locations with plans to expand to additional states including Arizona, California, Maryland, Texas and Wyoming.

“Dazbog is very much about connecting with its past, present, and future customers,” Mr. Grieve said.

Dazbog Coffee is not the only business using Mocapay’s mobile platform.

The Oxford Club, Spa and Salon is incorporating a mobile marketing and loyalty platform into its initiatives to attract and retain customers.

Smooth Skin Centers and Two Ten Nail, Wax and Dry Bar also tapped Mocapay’s to engage customers (see story).

Green Mill Restaurants Inc. is using the mobile channel for its marketing, commerce and customer relationship management initiatives.

In addition, the company has mobile-enabled its gift and loyalty program and is integrating mobile marketing initiatives (see story).

Coffee please
The Mocapay mobile suite is integrated with Dazbog’s existing point of sale equipment.

“Mocapay gives them the ability to do that by connecting with customers in real-time through mobile marketing,”

Mr. Grieves said. “Dazbog will market their mobile gift and mobile loyalty programs through Facebook and Twitter, at its in store point of purchase, their Web site, and through employee advocacy.”