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Dada enables one-click mobile credit card payments

The partnership between Dada Entertainment and Billing Revolution brings mobile billing services and payment options for consumers looking to sign up for MP3 subscription services. The partnership provides subscribers with a credit card checkout experience to facilitate purchases from Dada’s catalog, which contains nearly two million tracks covering every genre of music.

“Dada Entertainment needs to provide its end users with a variety of user-friendly, secure billing options and Billing Revolution provides the best possible user experience for its end-users,” said Michael Dulong, cofounder/senior vice president of business development for Billing Revolution, Seattle, WA.

“Billing Revolution’s exceptional user experience delivers increased retention, reduced churn and enhanced conversion,” he said.

Dada Entertainment, a joint venture between Dada USA Inc. and Sony Music Entertainment, currently has content deals with three of the four major record companies and several indie labels. is an online music store offering DRM-free MP3s, ringtones and other digital entertainment content.

Dada’s community centers around music discovery, allowing users to stream full tracks, create playlists and share them with friends in the Dada community.

Consumers who join’s community can download three free MP3s.

Founded in 2008, Billing Revolution specializes in credit card payment technologies and expects to process more than $100 million in mobile payment transactions during 2009.

The company’s technology currently works across all Web-enabled handsets, carriers and PCs and accepts payments in more than 150 currencies worldwide.

“Billing Revolution provides Dada with the ability to manage active and inactive subscriptions easily without any custom development work,” he said. “The portal is marketed today primarily across the wired Web.”