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Crocs steps into mcommerce space via new site

The footwear company’s mobile-optimized site is part of its redevelopment of a variety of new Web sites and digital assets to increase and enhance its online presence. Users can shop the entire catalog while on the go.

“We believe mobile is the bridge that connects today’s consumers with brands,” said Jay Custard, global director of ecommerce at Crocs, Denver. “Consumers are researching and making purchases in a whole new way with their mobile devices. 

“Our site allows them to shop anytime and anywhere with a simplified interface making browsing and purchasing that much easier,” he said. “Consumers purchasing Crocs shoes lead busy, on-the-go lifestyles and are not available to always shop from their computer at home.”

Crocs offers several shoe collections with more than 250 styles to suit every lifestyle

Mobile shopping
Consumers can shop by different categories, such as women, men, girls, boys, jibbitz – brand shoe charms – and outlet.  

Here is a screen grab of the mobile site:

When browsing for a specific shoe, consumers can use the search tool at the top of the site.

“Until now we have been in a soft launch,” Mr. Custard said. “We have reached out to Crocs brand loyalists, as well as those that follow the brand from an online perspective – email subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook fans to announce the site. 

“We are continuing ongoing communications about the site through our e-blast and plan for expanded communications later this year,” he said.

In April, Crocs offered mobile coupon’s via Yowza’s iPhone application.

In addition, consumers can find the nearest stores that offer Crocs upon entering their location and also opt-in to receive notifications whenever a specific store has new offers, check out a map to see the location of the store, go to the company’s Web site and click to call the store (see story).

Crocs gone mobile
Consumers can read full descriptions of the shoes, as well as see the price.

Here is another screen grab of the application:

When they are ready to purchase a specific item, they can choose the color and size they want, as well as how many shoes they want to buy.

“We feel that mobile is the big connect between consumers and brands,” Mr. Custard said. “We think it is the one unifier between all of our market channels. 

“Moving forward, we are letting our consumer dictate what types of mobile functionality they expect and want and will provide those formats,” he said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats, editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily, New York