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Combatant Gentlemen Father’s Day campaign broadens brand reach

Online men’s fashion label Combatant Gentlemen launched an Instagram campaign June 4 to promote a new denim collection, seeking user-generated content from its members.

The initiative is meant to market the new line of jeans, but has also increased awareness by nearly tripling Combatant Gentlemen’s followers on Instagram. The brand granted a one-week submission period to its followers and is announcing winners throughout the week of June 9-15.

“It’s certainly become evident to us that this is an impactful method of marketing as our Instagram community has grown its following and engagement by 541 percent and 125 percent respectively in the last six months,” said Sharan Keswani, social media manager at Combatant Gentlemen, Los Angeles.

“We are consistently monitoring keywords and brand mentions and using these as opportunities to engage with our community,” she said.

The holiday advantage
Combat Gentlemen promoted the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As of June 9, Combat Gentlemen garnered more than 600 likes, comments and shares on Facebook and gained an average of 75 likes per post on Instagram.

The contest was focused on fathers that need to update their style, as Combat Gentlemen is promoting a slim and un-distressed, classic style of jean. The new denim line was launched June 3, making the debut timely, as many consumers are likely to begin thinking of Father’s Day gifts.

During the submission period, participants could submit a photo of themselves or any dad on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ByeByeDadJeans. By not limiting the contest to just one social media site, Combat Gentlemen widened the territory for possible submissions.

Winners of the contest will receive a pair of jeans and a coupon for future shopping.

Combat Gentlemen likely launched such a campaign to jumpstart the sales of the new line of denim and to appeal to dads, or men, of all ages.

Building a community
Many brands have been highlighting Father’s Day recently through social campaigns.

For instance, retailer Sears and French apparel label Lacoste are both inviting Instagram selfies from dads in anticipation of Father’s Day on June 15.

While Sears offers the winning participant a vacation and other entrants member points, Lacoste plans to post winners on its Instagram account. Both companies will likely see their Instagram communities grow, but those who submit to Sears are asked to go the extra mile by posting on its Web site and becoming a member (see story). 

The marketing appeal of holidays attracts consumers, lending more of a chance for them to participate.

For instance, Kate Spade launched a new Instagram campaign to jumpstart Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer.

By simply tagging @KateSpadeNY and #TravelColorfully, contestants become eligible to win a generous gift card of $250 all the meanwhile sharing vacation photos. The contest goes through Aug. 28 and works to build a community among its followers (see story).

Brands can build a community with consumers through user-generated content.

“User-generated content, especially on Instagram, has a substantial impact on how our brand is perceived online,” Ms. Keswani said.

“It’s important for us as a brand to monitor our user-generated content, not only to measure virility of our brand but also to establish relationships with users who are positive advocates for us,” she said.

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon, editorial assistant for Mobile Commerce Daily, New York