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Cold Stone Creamery shop offers mobile coupons

The campaign, “Ocho Loco,” is intended to help spread the word about the Cold Stone Creamery. The promotion asks customers to send coupons from to their mobile phone and redeem it by showing the cashier their phone.

“It’s a simple and convenient way for customers to get promotions,” said Landy Ung, co-founder of 8coupons, New York. “The best part is, they don’t have to remember to bring their paper coupons, since consumers always have their phones on them.”

Daniel Petryszyn, owner of the Astor Place creamery and The Original Soup Man, can manage all promotions from the 8coupon marketing platform.

In effect, Mr. Petryszyn can create and text promotions to users who have opted in to receive information.

“Imagine it’s a hot summer day and the Creamery wants to give people free ice cream for a limited time,” Ms. Ung said. “The store can do so and it will target all its local customers, as they are the most likely to opt-in for promotional alerts.”

8coupon is an online and mobile marketing platform that was founded to help New Yorkers save time and money by getting on-demand deals in their neighborhoods for restaurants, bars, beauty spas, entertainment and shopping.

Coupons can be sent to a consumer’s mobile phone by visiting and signing up.

“The overall challenge here is mobile marketing itself,” Ms. Ung said.

“The medium is fairly new here in the United States, especially when compared to what’s going on in Japan and Korea, where consumers can wave their phone and get anything they want,” she said.

“People here are just picking up texting. The biggest challenge is to educate consumers. You can go to 8coupons and even send the coupons to a phone. We don’t save your number unless you opt-in for us to do so. Our goal here is to build word of mouth.”