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ClairMail, Misys partner to expand mobile banking, payments worldwide

The partnership lets Misys offer ClairMail’s mobile banking services to customers across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Clairmail and Misys will provide the services in one interface.

“The partnership extends ClairMail’s reach to international markets, significantly enhances the existing Misys mobile solution and provides a new channel for marketing and revenue opportunities for banks,” said Bob Adamany, vice president of channel operations at ClairMail, Novato, CA.

ClairMail is a provider of mobile services for banking, payments and card services.

Misys provides integrated software services to organizations in the financial services and healthcare industries. The company has more than 1,200 financial services customers.

Spreading mobile banking
Misys will integrate ClairMail’s mobile banking and payments platform into its own offering and market it as an addition to its Misys Mobile service. Misys Mobile is a part of the Misys portal platform that includes Internet banking and call-center services.
Through the partnership, Misys Mobile will provide its bank customers with services that include all three modes of mobile banking – SMS, the mobile Web and ClairMail’s Smart Client application.

ClairMail and Misys have also developed pre-packaged units that come with a range of Misys services including Misys Midas Plus, Misys Equation, Misys Bankmaster and Misys BankFusion Universal Banking.

Mr. Adamany said that Misys strengthens ClairMail’s global reach by providing local market experience, language and resources, as well as an existing customer base.

“ClairMail provides the market-leading, extensible solution that can fit any size financial institution from small to the largest in the world,” Mr. Adamany said. “ClairMail’s ability to integrate into multiple platforms will let Misys integrate into other banks that aren’t currently using their technology now.”

Jointly the two companies are targeting banks across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa that are looking to reduce their expenses and fraud, all the while having services that can provide a proactive customer interaction to enhance loyalty and increase revenue.

According to a Sept. 2009 Javelin Strategy and Research report that forecasts mobile banking usage will increase from 36 million users today to more than 99 million in 2014.

Mr. Adamany said that consumers are ready for and demanding more mobile banking.

“The vast majority of Americans (over ninety percent) subscribe to mobile services and one-fifth are now on smartphones,” Mr. Adamany said. “With the Web and SMS so easily accessible now, the mobile phone is providing a new channel for banks to reach consumers and for consumers to reach their bank, monitor their accounts and complete transactions — all through their mobile device.

“With mobile banking, consumers can now receive personalized text alerts via their mobile devices, empowering them with greater control over all aspects of their personal finances,” he said. “Customers are able to check account balances, transfer funds and view transaction history over SMS and mobile Web using any mobile device.

“Customers can also define their preferences for alert triggers – dollar thresholds or event occurrences that activate alerts – and frequency – when and how often alerts are received.”