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Citysearch taps mobile app to aggregate more than 400,000 daily deals

The Deals by Citysearch application aggregates local deals and lets users search based on their individual lifestyle and location. The application is available for free download for iPhone and Android devices.

“The app first started after some research that we did late last year,” said JP Bedoya, senior director at Citysearch, West Hollywood, CA. “We launched a survey and had a few thousand responses.

“It was basically asking users what they are looking for in terms of deals,” he said. “And we went from there – we wanted to offer something very simple and that was helping users find the best local deals on the go.”

Citysearch lets consumers stay connected with access to neighborhood restaurants, bars, shopping, beauty and professional services.

Deal of the day
Users can find deals nearby using the application and switch between map view or list view to see all available deals.

Additionally, users can drag the map to a new location or type in a city to search for deals anywhere in the U.S.

Users can access more than 400,000 local and daily deals, which are aggregated by The Dealmap – one of the company’s content sources.

“The idea was to really help consumers find any deal that’s available nearby them,” Mr. Bedoya said. “We’re not going for quantity here, we’re going for quality.”

Users can check out deals

Users can narrow down deals by location

Users can look at the map feature to find the best deals

Find deals
Users can browse deals by category such as restaurants, bars and shopping.

In addition, users can save deals for later and sort by expiration or distance from their location.

Users can also personalize the application to store their preferred filters and automatically delete expired deals from their saved list.

“Currently, the app is available for iPhone and Android, but we’re definitely going to be looking at BlackBerry devices too.

“We’re also going to have future enhancements where we’re going to be having more daily deal providers,” Mr. Bedoya said.

“We’re also going to be looking at push notifications,” he said. “We will be able to send you offers that you care about.”