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Citi lets business clients bank on mobile

Using a mobile portal, Citi is bringing its Web-based services to mobile to meet the needs of its clients. The Citidirect BE Mobile solution is part of Citigroup’s Global Transaction Services business, which handles large business and government clients.

“Clients do a lot through their PCs and banking, and if they can do it in one to two less steps on their mobile devices, it just makes it easier,” said Hubert J.P. Jolly, managing director and global head of channel and enterprise services at Citi, New York.

“We have clients across the globe with all types of mobile phones and software and felt it was essential to provide the most reach to all of our users with a mobile solution,” he said.

Big-time mobile
Clients who use Citidirect’s online banking system can now access their banking needs on their mobile devices via Citidirect BE Mobile.

The service is currently available in 24 countries with plans to expand to 96 countries by the end of the year.

Citidirect BE Mobile is currently available in five languages.

Clients can also opt-in to receive SMS updates to balance their accounts.

Clients will receive text messages when there is a change in large transactions over the course of a day.

Using the mobile portal, clients can manage balances and overdrafts across multiple accounts.

Business clients can also approve individual wires and files for their companies.

“For executives of our clients who log in regularly to the Web-based browser, there is definitely a need to expand into mobile,” Mr. Jolly said.

International banking
Citidirect BE Mobile is Citi’s latest effort to make its products more accessible to its clients.

In addition to the rollout of the mobile program, the company is also looking at how to leverage its content onto other mobile devices, specifically tablets.

Most recently, Citi ran mobile banner ads on The Weather Channel’s iPhone app that let users win prizes after taking a survey (see story).

“Mobile is something we seriously invest in,” Mr. Jolly said. “We are always looking to add more products and functionalities to our mobile products as they develop.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York