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Chase optimizes homepage for tablets, mimicking feel of app

Chase is continuing its digital transformation by rolling out a redesigned homepage for its site to optimize the experience across tablet devices and desktops while bringing timely stories and advice to consumers’ attention.

The revamped page aims to bring the streamlined feel of the bank’s mobile application to users on desktop and tablet devices via simple navigation and content in both English and Spanish. Chase’s decision to market more heavily to customers on tablets also lends credence to the suggestion that company-owned tablet usage is steadily inclining, a notion that other financial marketers should keep in mind.

“Our focus is on becoming faster, simpler and more personal in how we serve our customers,” said a spokeswoman for JPMorgan Chase, New York. “Branches are becoming more of advice centers as customers prefer to discuss their more financial needs in person.

“We want our digital capabilities to emulate the one-to-one interactions our customers have in the branches.”

Ramping up on mobile
The rise of online and mobile banking has led many marketers in the sector to ramp up their mobile offerings to reach on-the-go consumers.

Users who visit the new homepage on their tablet devices will now view personalized imagery based on the time of day and their location, as well as improved navigation methods. There is simple access to the side menu and top bar where customers can select the type of content they are looking for.

Users may engage in continuous scrolling, which emulates a social network’s newsfeed and does not require constant clicking and waiting for material to load.

The “sign in” button is also more prominent to prompt visitors to quickly log into their accounts.

Customers searching for relevant content from experts can tap the News and Stories feature, which offers timely advice and insights. This tool has been relocated to a more visible place on the homepage.

The site also mimics the Chase mobile app in the sense that it provides content in both English and Spanish, a strategy that all banks must follow if they do not wish to alienate users.

Offering banking services on portable channels is paramount for any financial marketer. Mobile banking is gradually becoming part of American life, with 33 percent of participants in a Chase survey banking on a mobile application and many users banking at work, at the store or even while on a date (see story).

Additionally, optimizing services for tablets is becoming a go-to tactic when marketing toward businesses or individuals in the workplace.

For example, Staples is revamping its online storefronts to provide a stronger focus on tablet optimization, product recommendations and personalization features as company-owned tablet usage continues to rise (see story).

Increasing customer engagement
Chase has been basking in excited consumer responses to its recent mobile updates. It garnered more than 3,000 positive mentions on social media following its mobile app redesign.

The bank currently boasts 21 million members on mobile, crowning it the first major financial institution to surpass that milestone.

Chase is also meeting consumer demands for streamlined security features while offering faster, more convenient banking service by enhancing its mobile app with Touch ID authentication for iPhones 5, 6 and 6 Plus (see story).

“[Leveraging mobile strategy is] very important,” Chase’s spokeswoman said. “Customers like the enhancements we are making to our mobile and online channels.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York