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CharityCall simplifies mobile charitable giving for nonprofits

CharityCall has launched a smartphone mobile giving technology to simplify and accelerate charitable giving for the millions of Americans using Web-enabled smartphones. 

Americans are ardent supporters of charitable causes but time constraints, inconvenience and online security fears prevent them from making donations. Since more than 170 million Americans have Web-enabled smartphones, CharityCall launched the technology to cultivate a charitable culture among mobile users.

“We are addressing the need for nonprofits to reach out to the mobile community,” said Robert Jones, president and founder of CharityCall, Lake Forest, CA. “That is where donors are today – they are carrying their computers in their pockets.

“Today’s market is mobile from every sense of the word,” he said. “We are doing transactions, we are accessing the Web and we are doing shopping. It’s truly becoming a trend if not a habit.”

The CharityCall application provides donors with a way to give on their own terms with donations of $25, $50, $75 or more by first selecting from a displayed list of charities or causes.

Donations are billed using a convenient PayPal mobile process or via a unique email invoice procedure.

The new mobile donation technology, part of a suite of mobile giving utilities, is available free of charge to U.S. residents, and can be accessed from any smartphone at   

Users can customize their smartphones to access the CharityCall application in seconds and can set automatic reminders to make regularly scheduled charitable contributions.

For each of the participating charities, a private branded smartphone application is provided, letting them develop their own mobile donor campaigns.

CharityCall partnered with Global Impact, one of the most trusted names in international philanthropy to serve as the donation depository for CharityCall as well as provide receipting services to mobile donors.

“When the funds come in we collect those funds for them and then we disperse them to charities,” said Ann Canela, communications manager at Global Impact, Alexandria, VA. “We disperse receipts to donors,” she said. “On the client side, we will also be a selection on the application.

“Working with CharityCall is another way we make charitable giving easy,” she said. “It offers 24/7 access for donors to give to charities of their choice.”