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Charge Anywhere partners with Verizon to leverage financial reach

The mobile payment service is available for Verizon Wireless phones including Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. Verizon Wireless claims that the new service provides a secure, reliable mobile credit card payment solution for its customers.

From Charge Anywhere’s perspective, the strategy is to offer our customer the best-in-class mobile payment solutions on the best-in-class wireless network,” said Dmitriy Lerman, director of marketing at Charge Anywhere, South Plainfield, NJ.

“This combination creates an unsurpassed solution package that gives traveling merchants the ability to accept real-time credit card payment payments anywhere, anytime with their Verizon smartphones,” he said.

Charge Anywhere offers business partners and customers industry specific and customized payments solutions and services.

The company claims that the service transforms any Verizon Wireless smartphone into a complete wireless credit card terminal.

The mobile payment software can be downloaded over the air to customers’ phones.

Consumers can print receipts using an optional hardware such as a Bluetooth printer with an integrated card reader.
Additionally, sales receipts can also be printed or emailed at the POS.

The billing software eliminates the need for merchants to worry about the safety of credit card data within the mobile payment application.

Mobile payments
Charge Anywhere uses Payment Application Data Security Standard, which ensures that payment applications are developed using an encryption and prohibiting the storage of cardholder data including PIN, CVV2 or magnetic stripe information.

“Our solution consists of a PCI-secure software application that enables mobile merchants to take credit card payments with their smartphones,” Mr. Lerman said. “Verizon’s data network will deliver that credit card transaction to Charge Anywhere’s payment gateway in a matter of seconds.

“The company obtains a live card authorization with any major bank in the U.S at the choice of our customer and will return that card authorization to the smartphone in three to five seconds, at which point the Bluetooth card reader and receipt printer will generate a receipt,” he said.

With each order, consumers will be getting a complete payment card industry (PCI)-validated mobile payments solution.

In addition to the basic value proposition of enabling live mobile payments for merchants, the company claims that they provide a wide variety of value-added business management features.

Merchants can collect tax information, tip information, driver or clerk number, seamlessly integrate payments with back-office accounting and capture and store electronic signatures at the point-of-sale.

“We understand the strategic importance of listening to our customers and making mobile payments as easy and convenient as possible for Verizon Wireless clients,” Mr. Lerman said. “Therefore, the billing charges for the mobile payment software solution will be reflected on the monthly Verizon Wireless billing statement.

“Historically, mobile payments have been difficult to implement, expensive and inflexible, however, that is no longer the case,” he said. Leveraging Verizon’s best-in-class data network, the computing power of modern smartphones, and Charge Anywhere’s know-how, the complete solution is cost-effective and secure.”