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Cellit expands mobile coupon redemption with app

Cellit, a provider of mobile marketing services, has launched the iWidgit, a handheld mobile coupon redemption system for easier point-of-sale integration.

The iWidgit application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch brings Cellit’s online system to the handheld world to provide flexibility and portability for small business owners. Cellit’s application does not require a computer for coupon redemption.

“It is Cellit’s goal to make mobile couponing an easy practice for the retailer or restaurant, regardless of the environment,” said David Wachs, president of Cellit, Chicago. “By providing a mobile solution, now roaming waiters, greeters and bouncers can accept mobile coupons at the door or at the table. 

“This solution also works for mobile ticketing and enables the simple redemption of mobile tickets,” he said.

Cellit clients include Taco Bell, Subway, Zumiez and IKEA.

Redeeming app
For nearly five years, Cellit’s platforms – Cellit Studio and CouponZap – have been delivering targeted, trackable mobile coupons and tickets.

Each coupon includes a unique redemption code that lets the sender determine who is redeeming what coupon and from which campaign.

To reconcile the information, users need to enter the coupon code into a system that ties back to Cellit’s servers. 

Cellit currently provides multiple methods to do so, including input boxes on the Cellit Studio Web site, an API to enable real-time integration with the point of sale, and the Widgit, a small program that overlays on any existing Windows-based POS system. 

Mr. Wachs said the advantage of the Widgit is that it does not require real integration – it just runs in the background and is assigned a hotkey.

The iWidgit application gives business owners the ability to redeem the randomly generated unique coupon codes created by the Cellit Studio mobile couponing system.

The application needs a WiFi connection or the iPhone’s data service to connect to Cellit’s servers, record the submission, check to see if the coupon is still valid or has already been redeemed and return a success or failure message.

Knocking down barriers
Cellit said the iWidgit was designed primarily for small restaurants, retailers and bars that are looking for a way to handle mobile coupons. 

For bars and nightclubs, this service also provides a way to check coupons at the door, which could be a key feature for parties and events.

Mr. Wachs said many smaller restaurants are unable or unwilling to install any software on at their point of sale area and cannot afford to invest in the API integration. 

“By placing a WiFi-enabled iPod touch next to the register, the store can still redeem and track mobile coupons with a minimal investment as iPod touches start around $200,” Mr. Wachs said. “Additionally, as mentioned above, the solution acts as a cost-effective mobile ticketing system.

“This solution will remove barriers for using mobile couponing, hopefully increasing the use of mobile couponing overall,” he said.