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Cellit adds mobile loyalty rewards at POS to increase consumer engagement

Cellit, a provider of mobile marketing services, has updated its mobile couponing software system to include mobile loyalty club functionality.

In addition to redeeming text-message-based coupons, the new service lets restaurants and stores keep track of loyalty points with every purchase. After reaching specified point totals, special offers and rewards can be sent to a consumer’s mobile device.

“While couponing is great, Cellit began to see a broader use for its POS and iPhone/iPod widgit technology,” said David Wachs, president of Cellit, Chicago. “Additionally, this technology creates a ‘positive feedback loop’ with mobile couponing.

“Creating a loyalty club drives new text message signups,” he said. “New signups generate more coupons.”

Cellit clients include Taco Bell, Subway, Zumiez and IKEA.

Loyalty in coupons
The new loyalty feature is available immediately on the Widgit, Cellit’s point-of-sale overlay service, and the iWidgit.

Cellit’s iWidgit application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch brings Cellit’s online system to the handheld world to provide flexibility and portability for small business owners. Cellit’s application does not require a computer for the mobile coupon redemption system at point-of-sale integration (see story).

Both the Widgit and the iWidgit enable the tracking, validation and redemption of mobile coupons via easy-to-implement solutions. 

The Widgit can be installed on any Windows-based point-of-sale system and add a user-definable hotkey or touch-screen button for coupon redemption.

After pressing the hotkey, the Widgit appears, letting the clerk redeem the coupon and provide feedback, telling the clerk if the coupon is valid or has already been redeemed. 

After the transaction is complete, the Widgit disappears, minimizing changes to the clerk’s workflow. 

The iWidgit, released in early February, provides the same functionality on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Both systems now enable loyalty rewards.

The loyalty platform is compatible with Cellit Studio, the company’s mobile campaign management platform.

Mr. Wachs said the Widgit and iWidgit are used by restaurants, retailers and bars that are looking for a way to handle mobile coupons and mobile loyalty. 

For bars and nightclubs, the iWidgit service also provides a way to check coupons at the door, which can be great for exclusive parties and events.

“Retailers and restaurants are looking for loyalty solutions that integrate easily with their existing systems and do not create opportunities for fraud,” Mr. Wachs said. “This system is simple to install – if using the Widgi – and ties in 100 percent with their mobile couponing club.”