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Cellfire rolls out grocery coupon service for mobile apps

The QMobile Coupons service lets application developers and brands provide grocery coupon offers to consumers. In addition, the company partnered with applications such as ShopSavvy, Grocery Gadget and Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant.

“In a continually expanding marketplace, application developers are seeking more revenue models for monetization and more features to encourage user engagement,” said Dan Kihanya, vice president of consumer marketing at Cellfire, San Francisco. “In today’s economy, as coupon redemption in the United States is up significantly, coupons and deals provide both economic and retention value for developers.

“Cellfire is committed to providing valuable discounts to consumers via convenient, interactive tools, and to providing new, effective channels for brands and retailers to deliver promotion,” he said. “QMobile Coupons is another step towards this vision.

“The service marries Cellfire’s technology and deal content with hyper growth, great consumer reach and extensive market awareness seen in the mobile application marketplace.”

Cellfire is a mobile coupon and discount offer service that lets consumers access deals from brand-name merchants nationwide via their mobile phone.

Mobile coupons
Developers can monetize their applications and can customize the service using several of the company’s tools, including QFinder Coupons – Cellfire’s content discovery APIs.

Cellfire hopes that the service will let brands look at smartphone applications as a vehicle to enhance the way customers interact with their products and offerings.

Additionally, the platform provides an opportunity for consumer packaged goods manufacturers to highlight brands and offers via mobile and provide offers within context of user task or search on the phone.

“Couponing through the handset has grown in popularity,” Mr. Kihanya said. “Since coupons can have both geographic and time-sensitive attributes, it would make sense that coupons would help to drive more interaction with phones.

“Cellfire has seen and benefited for this trend over the last five years,” he said. “Coupons provide real value to consumers.

“It is one of the few categories in mobile that pays the consumer rather than the other way around.”

Here is a screen grab of Safeway using the platform:

QMobile Coupons uses Web browser technology from Webkit, CSS, and HTML5 toolboxes.

The service lets consumers can discover and store coupons to their grocery store savings card within the their favorite applications.

“Specifics of the QMobile Coupons roadmap are not available at this time,” Mr. Kihanya said. “However, the company is committed to supporting platforms that make sense for consumers, brands and retailers.

“Smartphones are here to stay and each operating system provides unique value to the marketplace,” he said.