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Calvin Klein iPad content lets consumers click to shop

The retailer is the main focus of the publication’s September iPad issue, with exclusive features of its apparel. There are also more than 500 hotspots for an immersive shopping experience.

“Calvin Klein is a company that drives $6 billion in annual retail sales across a multiple range of both women’s and men’s lines – this demographic split fits well with Interview’s audience,” said Francis Malone, London-based CEO of Interview.

“Their design aesthetic is minimalist, which in our view takes great talent to achieve – this is the real essence of what we are aiming for in our design and experience decisions for the iPad, and also reflects the huge amount of customized design we have and are putting into our mobile content offerings,” he said.

“The Calvin Klein and Interview brands both launched over 40 years ago in New York, both have endured highs and lows but both remain flagship brands in fashion and popular culture respectively, and the story of both have been captured and chronicled in the pages, now screens of Interview magazine.”

Calvin Klein claims to be one of the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world and product lines under the various Calvin Klein brands include apparel, accessories, shoes, sleepwear, hosiery, socks, swimwear, belts, eyewear, watches, jewelry, coats, suits, fragrances and cosmetics.

Interview Magazine was founded by Andy Warhol and includes coverage of culture, lifestyle and entertainment.

Designer features
The iPad issue features three hours of Calvin Klein-specific content.

There are shopping tags featured throughout the issue.

When a user touches the tag icon, it takes them to Calvin Klein’s commerce-enabled sites.

Here is a screen grab that intructs users of the new features:

“We view the iPad as a media platform that can bring together creativity, content and commerce,” Mr. Malone said. “Both Calvin Klein and Interview sought to design and add a layering of multi-touch on both the content and advertising which would provide our audience with a simple way to discover more about what is on the screen and then enable them to link into ecommerce.

“This is the first time we believe that this level of end-to-end interactivity has been available on a magazine on the iPad, so we both wanted to show our lead in this as it reinforces our shared view that mobile shopping will continue to grow at over 35 percent compound annual growth rate and we are exploring in detail the user experience possibilities of our designs, of mobile devices, and of the mobile infrastructure,” he said.

Mobile advertisements
There are advertisements in the issue featuring collections from Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans.

There are blinking icons next to items.

When users touch the blinking item, they can access more information about that certain product.

Here is a screen grab of an ad with blinking icons:

Additionally, the advertisements in the magazine are automatically updated within the application keeping users up-to-date with what is available.

There is also a Calvin Klein section.

One article focuses on celebrites and models who have worked with the designer, such as Brooke Shields, Mark Wahlberg, Kate Moss and Eva Mendes.

Another article features an interview between Mr. Klein and Mr. Warhol.

Here is a screen grab of the Calvin Klein section:

“We are moving at a huge speed – we aim to keep this up,” Mr. Malone said. “Our next moves are two-fold – firstly, consolidate our learning on Apple iPad and iPhone devices from the last 14 months while also embedding these into the regular design, development and distribution of our monthly magazine.

“Secondly we want to leverage the great experience we have designed for Apple devices and their iOS to selected devices across other mobile devices and other platforms including Symbian, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile 7,” he said. “We are in final stage testing on a range of devices and OSs from 3-5 inch, and 7-10 inch screens.

“These will increase our mobile audience reach 3 times and provide us with even more enhanced advertiser options.”

Final Take