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Brookshire Grocery launches contactless mobile payments, rewards service

Brookshire Grocery Co., one of the largest regional grocery chains in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, is offering contactless mobile payments and rewards to its customers.

The grocery chain tapped Bling Nation to power the introductory program. Customers will be able to tap-and-pay for their purchases and earn bank rewards, saving 5 percent with every transaction up to $100 with their BlingTags at both store locations operating under the banners of Brookshire’s and Super 1 Foods.

“Brookshire Grocery’s strategy behind the launch of the mobile payments service is to stay on the leading edge of payment technology and to provide the service that our customers desire,” said Chris Morris, director of financial services for Brookshire Grocery, Mt. Pleasant, TX. “Currently, by offering this service we are differentiating ourselves from our competitors.

“It further enhances one of Brookshire Grocery Co.’s primary focus of community involvement,” he said. “Bling Nation is providing us with another avenue for our customers to make their grocery purchases with.

“We think there is a bright future for contactless mobile payments due to the demand from customers for a fast checkout process, as well as rapidly increasing usage of mobile phones.”

Brookshire Grocery operates 151 stores in three states—Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas—with three distribution centers and seven manufacturing facilities.

Bling Nation is a mobile platform that enables tap-and-connect capabilities with social media connectivity and mobile payments at checkout.

Brookshire uses mobile to inspire customer loyalty
Brookshire’s and Super 1 Foods join dozens of businesses in Mt. Pleasant that have already partnered with Bling Nation.

Customers with a checking account at local community banks, such as American National Bank and Guaranty Bond Bank, can sign up and activate a BlingTag, a quarter-sized microchip sticker that adheres to the back of their mobile phone at any Brookshire’s store and at Bling Nation kiosks at select Brookshire’s locations in Mt. Pleasant.

BlingTags do not store any personal information, and the company claims they offer more security than traditional plastic cards and reduce the risk of identity theft.

Each time a payment is made using a BlingTag, the consumer receives a transaction confirmation and account balance by text message, and loyalty rewards points are automatically tracked.

“The Bling Nation service nicely compliments Brookshire’s focus on community,” said Rod Stambaugh, president of the west region at Bling Nation, San Francisco. “Because Bling Nation is working with local banks and merchants in Mt. Pleasant, funds stay within the community and support shop local programs.

“This partnership underlines Brookshire as an early-adopter of new technologies,” he said. “The mobile payment ecosystem will grow even larger—2011 may be the year for mobile payments.”