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Brooks Brothers aims to drive iPad app downloads via print catalog call-to-action

There is a prominent call-to-action on almost all of the pages throughout the catalog that encourages consumers to download the company’s iPad app. By doing so, Brooks Brothers is aiming to increase sales.

“Our brand books are intended to showcase the product in the lifestyle of our customers,” said Ken Seif, executive vice president of direct and omni-channel marketing at Brooks Brothers.

“They are not only designed or oriented to sell products,” he said. “But we have found that our customers often want to buy looks straight out of these images and so the iPad app is a great way to marry the desire for the looks with the ability to buy them.  

“It is just one way we are using the new tools of the digital landscape to better service the wishes of our customers.”

Driving downloads
Promoting the mobile app through its catalog is a smart move for Brooks Brothers.

Other companies such as Bloomingdale’s and Saks have gone the same route.

Additionally, an initiative such as this helps the company build awareness for its mobile app, especially if consumers knew nothing about it.

Through the Brooks Brothers iCatalog+ for iPad app, consumers can browse imager and tap on the items for additional information, as well as buy the products right then and there.

In addition, consumers can share their favorite products with friends and family via email or social networks.

Mobile past
Brooks Brothers is no stranger to mobile.

Last year, the company targeted upscale consumers via a mobile-optimized site that lets them search, review and buy products wherever they are (see story).

“Our customers have adopted smartphones in the past year at a rate and velocity unprecedented in our history,” Mr. Seif said.

“And, they are actively using them to view our emails and Web site,” he said. “As a result, we now look at how our customers needs change when they are mobile.  

“In fact, many of our most significant initiatives in the next 12 months now include specific strategies that address or are modified for mobile use.”