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Unofficial TKTS Broadway tickets app targets theater fans with discounts

Theater fans and tourists can now buy Broadway and Off-Broadway Times Square TKTS-priced discount tickets via a new mobile application.

The unofficial At the Booth application was created by Davenport Media Enterprises. TKTS is set to roll out its official application in September.

“I want theater to be an impulse decision,” said Ken Davenport, founder of Davenport Theatrical Enterprises Inc., New York. “I want it to be just like going to a movie. 

“Now, finding out information about the best deals on Broadway can be as easy as finding out what movies are playing or what restaurants are nearby,” he said.

Here is a screen grab of the application:

Theater tickets
The application lists all the Broadway and Off-Broadway shows available at the TKTS booth everyday and at what price.

Users can browse by the full directory and view info on the various shows, along with reviews, cast photos, videos, synopses, performance schedules, running times and cast lists.

“I wrote a blog in January about the top 10 Broadway iPhone apps, only to find that there weren’t 10,” Mr. Davenport said. “So, I challenged my readers to come up with ideas for an app that they thought the industry needed. 

“I had an overwhelming number of submissions, and several people suggested an “At The Booth” type application,” he said. “Because so many people had a similar idea, I knew the market was craving this information.”

Here is another screen grab of the application:

Mobile tickets
In addition, users can view opening and closing dates and full and group-price ticket information.

Tourists who are unfamiliar with how to get to a certain theater can access the application’s map features.

Here is another screen grab of the application:

The application is available for download in Apple’s App Store for $0.99.

Additionally, there is a BlackBerry and Android version of the application in development.

“This is for anyone looking to get the best deals on Broadway shows, whether they are in New York, Nashville, or New Guinea,” Mr. Davenport said. “Tourists and New Yorkers can benefit tremendously from this app – it saves time and saves money.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats, editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily, New York