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Brinker Capital debuts investment management app

Brinker Capital’s mobile application is available on handsets including the iPhone/iPod touch, BlackBerry and Treo. Brinker Capital Mobile was the brainchild of Ryan Widger, a consultant for Brinker Capital’s online services team.

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Dan Butcher interviewed Mr. Widger. Here is what he said:

What is Brinker Capital’s strategy behind the launch of the app for iPhone and iPod touch, BlackBerry and Treo?
The strategy behind the Brinker Capital Mobile Access App was to provide our clients and advisors with quick and easy access to critical Brinker Capital content needed whenever and wherever they are. 

We also introduced the Brinker Capital Blog, an initiative that provides insight into Brinker Capital’s personality by sharing the thoughts and perspectives of Brinker Capitals’ Senior Executives on current events through informal communication that clients and advisors can relate to.

The content provided allows advisors to:

— View their assets under management
— View their client’s Account snapshot
— Monitor the status of new business coming in
— Monitor distributions going to their clients
— View the Brinker Capital Blog that provides insight into current events
— View Brinker Capital communications targeted for advisors

The client version provides the ability to:

— View Brinker Capital communications targeted for clients
— View their account snapshot
— View the Brinker Capital blog that provides insight into current events
— View their advisor contact information

What is the target demographic?
Our initial target demographic was advisors and clients in the 24 to 55 age range that have an internet-enabled mobile phone; however, as we have discovered, people of all ages have responded positively to the Brinker Capital Mobile Access App. 

Moreover, we provide access to our blog for all users regardless of whether they have a Brinker Capital account or not.

Did Brinker Capital develop the app in house or partner with a vendor for its creation?
Brinker Capital developed the Mobile Access App in-house with direction from an independent media consultant, Ryan Widger, who approached us with the idea.

How will Brinker Capital the word out about this app (i.e. marketing tactics?) Has the application been mentioned in print, TV, radio or out-of-home ads? Has there been ads to promote the apps across the mobile Web or within other apps?
Brinker Capital has worked closely with Middleberg Communications on a media campaign to promote the new Mobile Access App and blog. 

The media campaign is being done mainly through print and online journalism.

In addition, we have created video tutorials, located on the private portion of our website, to educate advisors and clients on how to use the app on their iPhone or BlackBerry.

Are there plans to release a version of the app for the Palm Pre, Nokia or Windows Mobile phones?
The beauty of the Brinker Capital Mobile Access application is that it is web-based, this means no download is required, nor is there a need to visit an app store.

To access the application, simply go to from your mobile device’s Internet browser.

Thus the Brinker Capital Mobile Access Application is accessible from all mobile devices that have internet access, including (Palm Pre, Nokia, and Windows, iPod / iPhone, Android/Google, BlackBerry, etcetera).

The Apple iPad currently provides access to our critical Brinker Capital content that our users require by rendering our native Brinker Capital non-mobile based Web site, also accessible via