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Boku monetizes Android apps with carrier billing

1-Tap Mobile Billing for Android lets users make in-app purchases and have the charge show up on their mobile phone bill. The service  provides a seamless experience for consumers so they are more likely to complete a transaction and continue using the app, per the company.

“For app developers, this system offers them the opportunity to greatly expand their monetization efforts, and dramatically increase their paying customer base,” said David Yoo, senior vice president, strategy, at Boku Inc., San Francisco.

“For example, if I have an Android game I developed, I’m not constricted to only those users who have a credit card account, or just those in the US or the UK – I can collect payments from users in Lithuania, New Zealand, and Jordan as well,” he said.

“Because the experience is not broken up, consumers are more likely to complete the transaction, and more likely to continue using the app or playing the game.”

Seamless purchasing
Consumers can select the item they want to buy and make an in-app purchase using 1-Tap. The developer makes a call to start the transaction and the user then confirms on screen by tapping the buy button.

Users do not have to supply their credit card information or register through a third-party Web site to make a purchase.

After making a purchase, consumers can continue  using the application and the charges appear on their mobile phone bill.

The platform is live in 56 countries.

“The need this serves is to make in-app payments simple, fast, efficient, and seamless, so that I get the transaction done with, and get to continue with whatever I’m doing, whether it is  playing the game something else,” Mr. Yoo said.

The launch follows a beta version of the solution. The production version launched last week features faster end-to-end transaction time, clear messaging to consumers and enhanced error handling.

The new features help to increase conversion rates and provide a seamless and secure purchase experience, according to Boku.

“All developers want to offer the most seamless possible experience, so the consumers’ use of their applications is pleasant and engaging,” Mr. Yoo said.

“In-app purchasing offers the most convenient possible transaction,” he said.