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Bobbi Brown enters mcommerce with shoppable mobile site

Estee Lauder’s Bobbi Brown has rolled out a mobile commerce-enabled site that incorporates social media and videos to let shoppers buy their favorite cosmetic products.

The Bobbi Brown mobile site aims to drive in-store traffic with a store locator feature. Bobbi Brown is working with agency Canvas on this initiative.

“Beauty and cosmetics products are such personal choices for consumers,” said Matt Garrity, director of business development at Canvas, New York.

“In addition to being a compelling mobile shopping experience, customers gain insights directly from the innovative company founder,” he said.

Bobbi Brown is a cosmetic brand known for its natural-looking makeup. The brand is part of Estee Lauder Companies Inc., which also includes brands such as Clinique, La Mer, Smashbox and Aveda.

Virtual beauty
Users can access the Bobbi Brown mobile site by typing into their device’s browsers.

The site is laid out similarly to the company’s Web site with promotions located at the top of the screen.

Users can shop Bobbi Brown’s line of makeup, skincare and brushes via their handsets by adding items to their shopping cart. Once a consumer adds a product, the mobile site keeps it in the shopping cart so shoppers can access it anytime.

The mobile site also has a heavy emphasis on multimedia and social media.

For example, users can watch videos of Bobbi Brown explaining how to apply the makeup as well as view a list of recommended products.

Links to social media and sharing options are included throughout the mobile site, which encourages users to spread the word about the new mobile site.

In particular, Bobbi Brown has a strong Pinterest presence and a link to the brand’s page is promoted next to links for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Pinterest is quickly becoming a top contender in social media with brands using it to drive mobile Web sales, and by including a link, Bobbi Brown is smart to promote the company’s account.

Mobile makeup
The Bobbi Brown mobile site includes color swatches and reviews, which helps give users a better feel for the products without being able to see them in person.

Last year, an executive from Estee Lauder said that eventually all of the company’s brands will have a mobile Web site (see story).

One of the challenges for selling beauty products via mobile is trying to describe how products feel, and by including user-generated reviews, videos and social media, the site is aiming to give users a more personalized shopping experience.

Bobbi Brown is not the only beauty brand looking to drive sales via mobile.

Recently, L’Oreal partnered with Glamour magazine to let users in New York cabs shop looks and items from a video screen (see story).

“Trends show a spike in the level of comfort and convenience of shopping not just online, but with smartphones,” Mr. Garrity said.

“This marketplace is ideal for the consumer who wants to check out what is new or just make a quick order without a trip to the department store,” he said.

“It is important to grab the attention of the new customer while catering to the shopping patterns of loyal customers.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York