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Blackhawk Network lets users buy personalized gift cards via mobile

The iPhone application lets customers by a gift card via their handset and send it directly from their iPhone to a recipient’s email or Facebook account. The gift cards can be personalized by adding favorite photos or a special note.

“Our strategy is to enhance the way that consumers give gifts through a variety of virtual channels including social networks and mobile devices,” said Tomas Campos, vice president of online, mobile and emerging technology at Blackhawk Network, Pleasanton, CA.

“We want to provide consumers with more choices and convenient shopping options,” he said. “Mobile provides our customers and new customers with even greater convenience and flexibility for purchasing gift cards on the go.

“Our new iPhone app enables gift cards to be delivered via email and Facebook to a recipient.”

Blackhawk Network provides prepaid and financial payments products for consumers and businesses.

Mobile cards
After consumers purchase a gift card, it is sent via email and Facebook to a recipient within 24 hours.

Additionally, the application lets users locate a bricks-and-mortar store and see where the gift card is redeemable.

“Blackhawk Network has and will always build products with the consumer in mind,” Mr. Campos said.

Consumers can send a gift card to a friend

Consumers can find stores near them

Extension of mobile
The application is available for free download in Apple’s App Store.

The company is looking to extend the application to other platforms in the future.

“We want to give the consumer what they need and want, therefore we’re always looking to extend our product offerings and platforms to benefit the consumer,” Mr. Campos said.

“This year, we anticipate mobile technology to accelerate consumer adoption of prepaid solutions,” he said. “Blackhawk will fully leverage the enhanced value this channel can bring to consumers.”