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Billtrust lets consumers pay bills on the go via new mobile service

The company rolled out its OBP service that lets consumers fully access their accounts on their mobile devices and view bills. Additionally, consumers can enroll accounts, make payments, check payment history and set up auto-payment rules.

“OBP Mobile is all about improving customer satisfaction, speeding up the payment process and cutting costs,” said Mitch Rose, vice president of marketing at Billtrust. “This isn’t technology for technology’s sake. 

“This is an example of what we call billing wellness,” he said. “It’s a more strategic approach to billing. 

“A lot of businesses don’t view billing as a strategic function. Opportunities like OBP Mobile arise from recognizing the strategic role billing plays in the 21st century.”

Billtrust is an outsourced billing solutions company.

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The company believes that the new mobile service helps increase customer convenience and ultimately business value.

According to the company, for businesses, the benefits do not stop with improving the customer experience.

“When customers use mobile billing it means businesses are getting paid faster while cutting down on the costs of distributing paper bills and engaging in eco-friendly business practices,” Mr. Rose said. “People want convenience in every facet of their lives, including how they view and pay their bills. 

“In today’s world, convenience means being able to access bills anytime and anywhere, whether that be on a computer, phone, or other device,” he said. “But convenience isn’t about access alone – the bill needs to be easy to read and compatible with whatever device they’re using. 

“That’s what we’re providing with OBP Mobile. When mobile billing is done right and all of these factors are considered, it gives customers an easy and quick way to pay their bills.”

Mobile bills
The company is getting the word out about its new mobile service via different channels.

To help raise awareness of this strategic approach to billing, Billtrust recently launched a Web site that is  designed to provide tips and tools for finance executives.

“It’s already clear that there’s a demand for bills to be delivered electronically across a wide range of channels,” Mr. Rose said. “Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment is the fastest growing channel of bill delivery/payment in the business-to-consumer market.  

“If the trend in billing is any indication of larger mobile commerce trends, then this area should continue to grow,” he said.