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Billing Revolution debuts single-click checkout for Android

Billing Revolution has rolled out single-click checkout for the Android platform to let merchants process credit card transactions within applications or on mobile Web sites.

Available for Android on Oct. 6, the single-click checkout platform lets Android users make credit card transactions without entering a user name and password across multiple merchants. Billing Revolution claims that the in-application “pop-over” design is the first of its kind for credit card transactions made on the Android platform.

“The potential that we’re after is one single-click checkout that enables a mobile user to conduct a credit card transaction with any merchant in the world,” said Andy Kleitsch, CEO of Billing Revolution, Seattle. “The potential is incredibly huge.

“We recently attended the Smartphone Game Summit in San Francisco, and literally every session someone complained about the challenges of monetizing on the Android platform…it’s an issue that plagues the platform,” he said. “Merchants everywhere are searching for an easy checkout on Android, so our strategy is to put our checkout in the hands of every merchant building an Android app.

“Single-click checkout makes perfect sense for the merchants—they get paid immediately, and it’s a great user experience for the mobile shoppers.”

Billing Revolution provides technology that enables secure credit card purchases from a mobile phone.

Mobile payments revolutionizing commerce
Merchants drop a few lines of code into their mobile application or mobile Web site, and they are ready to accept mobile payments from Android users with support for 150 currencies worldwide.

Whether these merchants are selling digital content such as games, ringtones and music, receiving charitable donations or campaign contributions, or providing physical goods such as flowers or concert tickets, single-click checkout helps merchants monetize from Android users wherever they are and whatever credit or debit card they choose to use.

Billing Revolution’s proprietary single-click checkout service identifies each mobile device.

Once this device ID is established, users can use credit cards to make purchases from mobile devices without typing in a user name or password.

Billing Revolution claims that single-click checkout enables merchants to convert 20 percent of users with first-time checkout—and 72.4 percent of users with single-click-enabled checkout.

Mr. Kleitsch said that many merchants have delayed entering the Android marketplace because of the challenges of monetizing those users.

Billing Revolution’s transaction history shows that when presented with an easy checkout options, mobile users are likely to purchase more often.

Single-click checkout works across any device or carrier.

“Credit and debit cards are the best vehicle for Web payments, and we see mobile following that same path,” Mr. Kleitsch said. “Credit cards offer many benefits to the merchant, including immediate payouts, low rates and complete customer ownership, just to name a few.

“Will customers use credit cards on mobile? Absolutely,” he said. “Apple has proven that when credit card transactions are made easy, users are happy to use credit cards for mobile transactions.”