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Best Buy Mobile revamps site to provide online shopping

The revamped Web site lets consumers buy mobile phones and ships them directly to their home. In addition, consumers can pick up their purchased device in-store.

“After a few years of development, Best Buy Mobile relaunched an enhanced Web site that brings a lot of the same things to life online that it has been doing for mobile phones in Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores,” said Jeff Haydock, senior manager at Best Buy, Minneapolis, MN. 

“The Web site offers a great selection of handsets, across all carriers and operating systems, and accessories,” he said. “Customers can process everything online and have the mobile phone shipped directly to their home or have it set up for in-store pickup.”

BestBuy Mobile is the mobile specialty retail unit of Best Buy Co.

Mobile pick up
Consumers can purchase a handset with a contract using online channels.

When making a purchase, consumers can choose to either ship it to their house or pick it up.

If a consumer chooses to pick up their device in-store, they must select a store, enter their ZIP code or city/state and click to find the nearest stores.

The new service lets consumers skip the shipping charge and pick up their purchase in as little as 45 minutes after they place it, the company claims.

Best Buy recently integrated mobile in its weekly circular by featuring a QR code and a call-to-action.

Consumers can browse the circular and download the code reader application to view the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 game.

“The site brings a new level of convenience to shopping for mobile phones,” Mr. Haydock said. “Customers can research online, choose a phone and process the transaction while sitting in front of their computer.”