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Best Buy attracts consumers in-store via ad in holiday shopping app

TheFind application is available for iPhone and Android platforms. Users can create a free account of log-in using Facebook Connect.

“Mobile shopping is clearly what everyone is talking about,” said Usher Lieberman, director of corporate communications at The Find, Mountain View, CA. “We are seeing a lot of experimentation happening amongst retailers and we believe that we have an innovative approach to mobile shopping apps.

“TheFind Mobile is the first shopping app to seamlessly connect, using Facebook, the research and purchases we make online with the way we actually shop inside a store, along with retail’s best bar code scanning and price comparison engine,” he said.

TheFind uses a patented search and discovery technology to let users shop for anything they may be looking for.

Find it now
The application lets consumers connect online and in-store shopping experiences with mobile bar code scanning and price comparisons.

If a consumer is looking for a specific products, they can press the nearby button to see which retailer is selling it.

If, for example, Best Buy has that specific item then there might be an offer for consumers, as well as a map to show the closest location.

“We’re looking to integrate some additional retailers into our contextual advertising program,” Mr. Lieberman said. “For shoppers who have enabled location-based services on TheFind Mobile, when they scan items within nearby stores, they may receive contextual ads from major national retailers such as Best Buy, geared towards the items they are actually shopping for.”

Bar code scanning
Using the bar code scanning capabilities, consumers can check prices online and in stores.

In addition, users can get maps to the store with the best prices, save their favorite items in the My Finds drawer and create shopping lists.

“To-date, standalone mobile shopping apps have fallen short because they cannot connect consumers’ in store shopping to consumers’ online shopping activity, either before or after they visit a store,” Mr. Lieberman said.

“TheFind Mobile works on the simple premise that a mobile app has more utility when it can scan prices in every store and also be integrated – seamlessly – with the savvy way that people shop from their homes,” he said.

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