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The new application is an expansion of the BlackBerry application for claims that it saw mobile traffic increase more than 200 percent year over year.

“The company’s mobile strategy is to give our customers choice in how they access and order from our Web stores,” said Noreen Moriarty, director of, Seattle. is an online destination for prestige beauty products that also provides a personalized shopping experience. is an online retailer of health, beauty, clinical, skincare, vision and pharmacy products.

Here is a screen grab of the application:

On-the-go beauty
Consumers can access the “Your List” feature, where they can reorder previously purchased items from their shopping list quickly.

Additionally, consumers can see the complete product information and read customer reviews.

Consumers can browse through different categories and more than 200 beauty brands, complete integration with customers’ account information, such as preferred credit card and shipping address, secure credit card transactions for all purchases and email product recommendations to family and friends directly from their mobile contact list.

Here is another screen grab of the application:

A touch of mobile
There is a and BlackBerry application where consumers can shop from a selection of over 40,000 health, beauty and wellness basics, as well as beauty products.

Consumers can order products via their mobile devices and get them delivered straight to their home.

With the BlackBerry application, consumers can access the week’s best sellers, see full product descriptions and full-color images and contact list integration for shipping and billing information.

“We’re getting the word out through media, email marketing and there is information on and,” Ms. Moriarty said.

“The application is free,” she said. “We consider it a convenience for our mobile customers. We will also continue to explore new opportunities.”

Consumers can search by different categories including, skin care, make-up, hair care, bath and body, natural, accessories, fragrance and men.

The company claims it saw more customers choosing to access its Web store from their mobile devices and plans to continue to optimize the shopping experience for its customers to shop and purchase products via their handsets.

“ customers tend to be upscale, well-educated women with an average age in the upper 30s,” Ms. Moriarty said.

The application was designed with this customer in mind which is why it includes product reviews, star ratings, Your List and the familiar categories they would find if they were shopping on their computer,” she said.