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BB&T mobile banking app now available for Android

BB&T Corp. has launched a free Android app for both smartphones and tablets that run on the operating system, allowing users to bank anytime, anywhere.

Android users can check account balances and transactions, transfer funds, pay bills and locate the nearest BB&T financial center or ATM using GPS technology. BlackBerry and iPhone apps were released in 2010.

“Our strategy is to give BB&T clients the ability to control their finances from the mobile device of their choosing, regardless of the mode of access—text, Web or apps,” said Patricia Kinney, mobile channel manger at BB&T, Raleigh, NC.

“This is just an extension of our overall strategy to provide our clients with access to BB&T from a channel most convenient to their lifestyle,” she said.

BB&T is a financial services holding company with $157 billion in assets and $19.1 billion of market capitalization.

All of BB&T’s mobile banking apps are free to download.

Getting the Word Out
In the digital age, mobile banking is not a new concept  for consumers—several financial services firms have already brought their products into the mobile arena—but BB&T wants to ensure its employees, as well as potential customers, know the facts about mobile banking.

“Our initial focus is to educate our employees and to inform our clients,” Ms. Kinney said. “We want to ensure our branch and field personnel are familiar with mobile banking and how to help our clients get on board

“Of course, if clients already have mobile banking, they can get started on the Android app right away.”

BB&T has banners up on and within the online banking session to draw people to the mobile banking Web pages where they can begin the enrollment.

BB&T is researching the possibility of advertising through apps and currently shows selective ads for appropriate products on its mobile Web destination.

The company sees potential for cross-selling and up-selling through the mobile channel.

With a number of ways to learn about BB&T mobile banking and the list of services it provides, using a mobile device can add piece of mind to consumers.

“The app provides clients the ability to access their financial information while on the move,” Ms. Kinney said.

“A small business owner checks his balance before making an important purchase and transfers money to his checking account before using his debit card—all done through the mobile app,” she said.

“Or another client is travelling to a new city in the Southeast and wants to withdraw money from a BB&T ATM. He can use the app to locate the nearest ATM to him. It’s all about having the ability to manage your finances wherever and whenever.”

Final Take