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Barclays monetizes off customization and personalization for iPad banking success

Barclays has launched an app for iPad with features that ooze customization to give institutional clients content when and how they want it.

The app piggybacks off the brand’s Web-based portal that combines Barclays Capital and LehmanLive analytical tools, research and indices, as well as trading, risk management and reporting systems into a single site for clientele. As banks look to ramp up their mobile know-how, the app is an interesting example of how mobile can be leveraged for internal uses at financial institutions.

“We are seeing with tablet banking not only them being tailored for a consumer-facing advice,  but as a presentation advice for ‘what if?’ scenarios as well, where advisors might use the tablet similar to how someone might use a whiteboard in a demonstration,” said Ed O’Brien, director of banking channels advisory service for Mercator Advisory Group, Inc., Maynard.

Mr. O’Brien is not affiliated with Barclays. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Barclays declined to comment for this article.

New features
It is no surprise that clients want more personalized services and an ease in how they manage their finances. Banks that innovate in this space and improve customer centricity to deliver more personalized services will not only capture market share but will also strengthen trust and loyalty to their brand.

The Barclays Live app fathoms investment decisions and brings the most relevant information to its users by complementing and integrating with resources already available to clients via Barclays live.

“That’s why solutions like the Barclays app are an ideal way for the smaller institutional investor to keep their research, data, and analytics persistent and easily accessible,” said Drew Sievers, founding partner at fintech investor Operative Capital, San Francisco.

The app aids clients in sorting through vast amounts of information with customization options.

Key features include a Watchlist that allows clients to watch content without subscribing to it; live content, including real-time FX prices from BARX; financial forecasts from Barclays’ fundamental analysts on more than 2,500 companies under coverage; ability to receive messages from Barclays’ analysts and sales teams and create daily summary emails with desired content.

“While larger institutional investors will leverage more expensive tools from providers like Bloomberg, there are thousands of smaller investment advisors for whom the cost is prohibitive,” Mr. Sievers said.

Tablets have a broad use for online and mobile banking where downloadable apps are concerned. They present an interactive “what if?” scenario for discussions relating to investment and savings strategy can easily be experimented on with in a more cohesive medium.

“It makes sense that all parts of a large multinational bank are leveraging the power of mobile technology,” Mr. Sievers said. “Providing institutional investors with robust tools that look as good as the consumer tools is important if a bank is going to maintain their technical edge and modern image.”

Final Take:
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