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Azek builds 3D iPad app for immersive decking shopping

The Azek Build Products iPad app enables users to view a realistic 2D or 3D depiction of what their moulding, deck, railing, porch and paver projects will look like once completed. Using a visualization marker such as the cover of any Azek catalog and the iPad app, users can personalize a house and the turn, rotate and zoom in to make sure it is designed the way they want.

“Augmented reality allows consumers to interact with our products in a unique and cool way that hasn’t been done in the building products industry,” said Tim Sandlund, digital marketing manager at Azek, Scranton, PA.

“Our goal is to inspire homeowners  and help them visualize the end product on their home,” he said. “Augmented reality gives us the technology to do that. This is just the beginning.

“We believe the Azek iPad App will play a large role in how consumers shop for our products and how dealers and contractors sell our products. Not only does the Azek app allow users to visualize our products, it also provides helpful product information on all our decking, porch, railing, trim, moulding and paver products using photos and videos within the app.”

Azek teamed up with Marxent to build the augmented reality app.

Shorter sales cycle
Azek, a leading exterior building products manufacturer, is launching the augmented reality mobile strategy to make it easy for contractors and consumers to explore how colors, patterns and textures look at scale in real-world environments. The goal is to support decision-making and shorten the sales cycle on building materials.

Once the app has been downloaded, users can choose either a 2D or 3D mode.

In 2D, there are five home scenes showcasing Azek products. Users can watch videos and check out photo galleries from within the app as well as customize colors, styles, designs and patterns for Azek products.

Additionally, notes can be added to creations, which can also be tagged and saved or shared with others.

Visualization marker
To activate the 3D mode, users must first place a visualization marker on the ground. The cover of an Azek catalog is a visualization marker but consumers can also download and print a marker from

When an iPad camera is pointed at the marker, a 3D house comes to life. By touching the screen, users can personalize different parts of the outside of the house and then see their choices from all angles or zoom in to get a better sense of what a completed project might look like.

Manufacturers and retailers of building supplies are gravitating toward augmented reality mobile solutions for their ability to create immersive shopping experiences.

For example, Lowe’s stores in Toronto are the first to feature the Lowe’s Holoroom enabling shoppers to see how products will look in their bathroom using augmented reality and a specially designed tablet (see story).

Last summer, IKEA added augmented reality to its app, enabling users to virtually place and view furniture in their homes (see story).

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York