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AT&T drives foot traffic with location-based mobile rewards program

AT&T has launched a rewards program via location-based mobile game SCVNGR to drive consumers to its retail locations.

AT&T is running the program at 50 retail locations across the Midwest. Consumers can win prizes such as gift cards and discounts by completing certain tasks in the SCVNGR application while at participating locations.

“AT&T was looking for a fun and unique way to engage our customers and a strategy that would complement our traditional marketing approaches in these markets,” said Hardmon Williams, Bloomington, MN-based vice president and general manager for mobility and consumer markets in Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska, AT&T.

“By building on SCVNGR to bring the mobile-social experience to customers right in our store locations, we were able to connect with and reward them in exciting new ways,” he said.

The SCVNGR application is available for iPhone and Android platforms. It can be downloaded for free in Apple’s App Store and Android Market.

AT&T’s campaign
The SCVNGR application lets mobile users complete tasks based on their location.

Participants in the AT&T promotion can accumulate points by completing tasks such as checking-in to participating locations, posting messages in the application and bumping phones with another player for a social check-in.

AT&T also created branded challenges that customers can complete to win prizes.

By accumulating certain amounts of points, users can win prizes.

Participants can receive a ringtone gift card by earning two points, 20 percent of an AT&T accessory for five points and $50 off a Samsung Captivate mobile phone for 15 points.

Some examples of AT&T tasks in the SCVNGR application include:

• “Sick of that annoying screeching sound you hear every time your buddy’s phone rings? Fight back by doing the Bizz Bizz Buzz Challenge, earn two points, and get a ringtone gift card!”

• “Coveting that snazzy case or Bluetooth accessory? Earn five points and get a 20% accessory discount!”

• “Excited about the hottest new AT&T Smartphone Android phone – Samsung’s Captivate? Show us your love with a picture challenge and get three points. Earn 15 points at any store and you’ll get $50 off the phone!”

Here is a screen grab of an AT&T coupon in the SCVNGR application:

Check-in to win
Several brands have launched location-based mobile promotions in recent months.

For example, restaurant chain Pizza Hut has initiated a campaign to give away single orders of breadsticks to certain customers who check-in via location-based mobile game Foursquare (see story).

Likewise, SCVNGR recently launched a similar campaign with apparel retailer Journeys (see story).

AT&T said that it will continue to engage consumers through mobile initiatives such as the SCVNGR campaign.

“Our objective is to expose customers to the AT&T brand in a way that is innovative and interactive,” Mr. Williams said. “We’ll continue to invest heavily in mobile network upgrades and roll out industry-leading mobile capabilities to our customers.”

Final Take
Peter Finocchiaro, editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily, New York