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Atol taps augmented reality to let consumers try on, buy glasses

The company is using Total Immersion’s platform to power the augmented reality experience. IPhone 4 users can download the French application for free in Apple’s App Store.

Atol is a French retailer of glasses and contact lenses.

Total Immersion integrates real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream.

Try me
Consumers can try on the virtual glasses by using their iPhone device with the front facing camera.

The application identifies user faces and applies virtual glasses to their video image.

Consumers can try on the glasses

Consumers can see how they look through different angles

Consumers can choose their hair and eye color

Consumers can choose different color glasses

Consumers can buy via the app

Adjust the fit
Consumers can adjust the fit, select their eyes and hair shades, choose different styles, frames and colors to find the perfect selection.

In addition, customers can send photos to friends via social networks, connect to a map pinpointing the nearest store to buy offline or complete the transaction via the app.