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Armani Exchange adds consumer touch point with iPad mcommerce site

The retailer is using MarketLive’s mobile commerce platform to now provide consumers with a rich experience on the iPad. Armani Exchange will now provide a cross-channel shopping experience to customers via a compelling, feature rich storefront and relevant offers, promotions and products to drive sales.

“Armani Exchange was among the first adopters of MarketLive Mobile and I can tell you that they are adopting the new features through the ongoing product road map and their expectations are wildly met,” said Mark Pierce, CEO of MarketLive, Petaluma, CA.

Armani Exchange can track customer activity across all devices and analyze trends and customer preferences via MarketLive Mobile v2.

The retailer now has the ability to offer time- and location-based promotions that are designed specifically for user type. 

Besides Armani Exchange, H2O Plus and Perricone MD are also using MarketLive Mobile v2.

The larger form factor and high-resolution graphics capabilities in the iPad enable retailers to offer richer content and more compelling video and graphics in dynamic shopping experiences.

When users access the Armani ExchangeiPad, they are automatically served content appropriate for the device.

Additionally, the larger form factor of the iPad enables richer, higher-performance search capabilities within the Armani Exchange site.

The Armani Exchange site will be full of rich graphics formats, letting the retailer to merchandise products and also show a pane of related products.

Using MarketLive’s analytics, Armani Exchange will be able to identify the most popular and productive devices for each market. The retailer can use this information to focus marketing efforts for greatest results on these specific devices.

Armani Exchange was quick to embrace the mobile channel and has been able to establish a profitable relationship with its customers by reaching them in relevant ways, any time, on devices that they choose.

In the first few months following adoption, Armani Exchange realized new revenue streams of several thousands of dollars a day, not counting in-store and traditional online sales that are influenced via the mobile channel.

Armani Exchange’s support for the iPad provides one more consumer touch point that Armani will leverage.

“There are unique elements in terms of user experience on the iPad, which are not available on the desk top,” Mr. Pierce said. “For example, there’s no swipe feature on the desk top. We look at the specific user interface and help customers provide a rich experience based on that.”