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Arden B. rolls out mobile commerce site

Digby developed the mobile shopping experience for Arden B. In addition, the company also developed a mobile commerce site for Wet Seal this past December.

“As a fast-fashion, merchandise-driven company, our strategies are going to be about how to differentiate ourselves from our competition and making our merchandise stand out,” said Jon Kosoff, director of ecommerce and direct marketing at Wet Sea, Orange County, CA. 

“Our mobile strategy is to enhance the customer experiences both online and in store,” he said. 

Arden B. is the women’s contemporary division of Wet Seal.

Digby is a mobile commerce platform provider.

Mobile shopping
Consumers can access new arrivals, browse and search across the entire catalog and see product descriptions and full-color images.
Additionally, there is address book integration, mobile-optimized checkout, store locator and integration with existing backend cataloging and order processing systems.

The platform provides Arden B. room to grow as it expands its mobile channel strategy to new devices and geographies, according to the company.

Arden B. uses Digby’s mobile commerce suite, a software-as-a-service platform designed to let retailers to extend its current ecommerce infrastructure to the mobile channel.

With the platform, retailers have access to branded and customized storefronts for the mobile Web in addition to downloadable storefronts for all major smartphone platforms.

Wet seal application
Wet Seal also has an iRunway iPhone application where consumers can shop on the go.

Users can type in the style number from an item’s price tag and thousands of outfit choices using that item will be presented. Shoppers can also view thousands of suggested outfits using styles they find while in the retailer’s stores.

In addition, consumers can see the various ways to wear an item and find all the coordinating pieces immediately (see story).

“Our customer is a young contemporary fashion customer and she is typically 21-40 years old,” Mr. Kosoff said.

According to the company, after it saw the success of its Wet Seal mobile commerce site,  it wanted to continue with its mobile channel strategy by incorporating Digby’s mobile commerce suite for its Arden B. division.

“While we think mobile commerce is very important we also believe mobile marketing can enhance our in store experience through the various shopping and customer focused tools we offer,” Mr. Kosoff said.