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A&P, Zavers mobile coupons achieve double-digit redemption rates

As Earth Day approaches, A&P and Zavers are teaming up for an environmentally friendly promotion for their mobile coupon initiatives that are achieving double-digit redemption rates.

Grocery store chain A&P and digital promotions and information management company Zavers are offering two ways for consumers to be environmentally friendly and save money—redeeming a paperless coupon via their loyalty card or using their mobile device. Other participating A&P stores include Food Emporium, Pathmark, Superfresh and Waldbaum’s.

“A&P and Zavers are committed to offering simple ways for consumes to help the environment and save money,” said Anita Bajaj Newton, chief marketing officer at Zave Networks Inc., Kansas City, KS. “In honor of Earth Day on April 22, the companies wanted to do something to promote an environmentally friendly, totally green promotion.

“Accordingly, throughout the remainder of April, participating customers can receive a coupon for a free Haub shopping bag,” she said. “The reusable Haub bag is a symbol for environmental awareness and the Zavers mobile platform is totally paperless, resulting in a combined ‘one-two’ environmental benefit.

“Interest in mobile coupons has been strong and we have seen redemption rates at around 10 – 12 percent.”

A&P and Zavers first unveiled their SMS-based mobile couponing initiative at participating A&P grocery stores last month (see story).

Mobile coupons are green
Participating A&P customers can receive a free reusable Haub bag by redeeming a paperless coupon linked directly to their shopper loyalty card.

The designer-quality, reusable Haub bag is made of all recycled material and is a recognizable symbol of environmental awareness.

In addition, Zavers’ Web and mobile platform delivers customer savings in a paperless and eco-friendly way.

“The gift of Haub bags—a symbol of environmental responsibility—gives customers an easy way to reduce the plastic and paper they use while shopping,” Ms. Newton said. “Offering the bag through the Zavers digital platform encourages shoppers to sign up for mobile, paperless coupons—Web- and text-based coupons.

“‘Click and Save’ rather than ‘Clip and Save’ means no paper, no waste,” she said. “The simple ‘accept, download and save’ process means consumers accept and download coupons into their digital account and begin saving right away by using their loyalty cards.

“Cashiers simply scan the shoppers loyalty card per usual—no extra effort, scanning or time.”

The bag is available at A&P, Food Emporium, Pathmark, Superfresh and Waldbaum’s grocery stores.

Consumers can find and save the coupon for the free reusable Haub bag at each store’s Web site, as well as at

The promotion will run throughout April.

The partners believe that this promotion will appeal to a broad cross-section of consumers.

“This is because offering a free reusable bag helps consumers save money, time while helping the environment—universal needs that appeal to many shoppers,” Ms. Newton said.

In addition to each store’s Web site, A&P and Zavers are getting the word out about the Haub/Earth Day mobile coupons promotion through a variety of marketing vehicles.

These include in-store marketing with in-store guides and circulars, email blasts to loyalty-card-holders, text messaging to consumers who have opted in to receive the coupons via mobile and social media vehicles such as Facebook, and Twitter.

“A variety of brands across a broad section of categories—dairy, snacks, health and beauty, etcetera—have already promoted coupons and offers using the text-messaging capability,” Ms. Newton said. “We plan on many more mobile-coupon promotions in months to follow.”