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American Sale simplifies home deliveries via text alert program

Home recreation superstore American Sale is adding mobile capabilities to its marketing mix to better accommodate its customers and streamline product delivery.

When a customer makes a purchase from American Sale, they can now opt-in to receive a text alert reminding them of their scheduled product delivery date and time. The new program is meant to simplify deliveries for customers who can find it challenging to keep track of installation dates and delivery times.

Consumers increasingly have smartphones with them throughout the day, making SMS a good way to reach them with alerts reminding them of important information such as the delivery of a large item to their homes.

“By opening up SMS for notifications and delivery efficiency, American Sale is taking a proactive step to activating a highly relevant channel for customers,” said Dave Lawson, director of mobile and digital unification at Knotice, Akron, OH.

“They exist to provide products and services that enhance a lifestyle of recreation and enjoyable downtime in a world where those things are often hard to come by with work, family, and other life pressures carving into time,” he said.

“The immediacy of SMS and the untethering from an Internet or home phone connection allows the delivery to be made in a timely manner so service windows are accurate and rescheduling, if need be, can happen real-time with fewer hiccups.”

Text alerts add value
American Sale is partnering with Knotice for the SMS program. The retailer will be using Knotice’s on-demand marketing software as well as Knotice’s agency services to roll out and manage the mobile program.

Knotice is already the retailer’s email marketing partner.

American Sale customers who opt-in to the program will receive an SMS alert the day before their delivery is scheduled to arrive.

Additionally, these customers will receive an alert if their delivery team is running behind schedule, letting them know how many minutes delayed the delivery will be.

Customers also have the option of click-to-call to reschedule the delivery.

The program is designed to provide value and convenience to customers while helping them save time.

Merchants embrace SMS
A growing number of merchants are enlisting SMS to help them communicate important information to customers since almost any mobile phone can receive text messages.

For example, Walgreens has a SMS program that provides pharmacy customers with alerts as to when a prescription is ready and when one needs to be refilled. CVS also has a program to alert customers when prescriptions are ready.

Additionally, Westlake Ace Hardware is delivering weather-related text alerts and special offers to help its customers be prepared when bad weather hits (see story).

American Sale offers a variety of home recreation and holiday items such as hot tubs, pools, pool tables, grills and artificial Christmas trees. The items are available at several stores in the Midwest as well as online at

“When a customer elects the SMS option, they are being given an additional – often preferred – choice to allow them more freedom to do the other things that life throws their way while always being connected to the best information on delivery times and details,” Mr. Lawson said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is assoc. editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York