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Aug. 26: American Red Cross to keynote Nonprofits Mobile Day

The daylong event in midtown New York will also feature speakers from the Mobile Giving Foundation, Neustar, Microsoft, Medialets, appssavvy, Ping Mobile, Sumotext, Netbiscuits, MoFuse, EZ Texting, Proskauer, Reed Smith, Millennial Media, Jumptap and JiWire. The Direct Marketing Association’s Nonprofit Federation is conference co-host with Mobile Commerce Daily parent Napean.

“As the first mobile marketing event focused on nonprofits, the mandate is to help charities and not-for-profit organizations understand how to incorporate mobile into their multichannel fundraising and marketing outreach programs,” said Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief of Mobile Commerce Daily.

“The American Red Cross has proved that mobile works effectively to raise funds quickly in times of crises such as the Haiti earthquake earlier this year,” he said. “However, mobile and SMS’ use is not limited only to fundraising but also donor relations and communications, complementing email and direct mail.”

Issues that will be discussed at Nonprofits Mobile Day include the American Red Cross, ASPCA and Saddleback Church case studies, SMS and its role as a killer app, the use of applications and how to craft an effective mobile advertising campaign across the mobile Web and applications.

The final session will deal with the legal dos and don’ts of mobile fundraising and marketing.

The event is limited to only 100 attendees.

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Nonprofits Mobile Day 2010
Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010

A Napean and DMA Nonprofit Federation presentation

Direct Marketing Association Seminar Center
1120 Avenue of the Americas, 13th Floor
New York, NY 10036

8 a.m.
Registration and Light Breakfast

8:45 a.m.
Welcome Address
Senny Boone, senior vice president for corporate and social responsibility, DMA
Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief, Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily

9 a.m.
American Red Cross and Haiti: How Mobile Changed the Face of Charitable Giving
The American Red Cross is used to harnessing online, print and broadcast media to raise funds for disaster relief. But the Haiti earthquakes showed that another channel was equally adept at winning quick response from donors: mobile, and specifically, SMS. Thanks to SMS-savvy consumers and support from partners, the Red Cross raised more than $40 million to help victims and survivors of the earthquakes that devastated this Caribbean nation. The keynote speaker will discuss:

? Why mobile matters to the American Red Cross
? How the Red Cross conducted its Haiti disaster relief efforts incorporating mobile
? What lessons were learned with this effort and others that preceded
? Best-practice tips and the path forward

Jana McAndrew, manager of online fundraising, American Red Cross

Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief, Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily

10 a.m.
Why SMS is the Killer App for Charities
Fundraising is always easier when conducted in the donor’s medium of choice. While direct mail and online are the workhorses, SMS is increasingly assuming the same position that email did almost a decade: a channel that delivers the message to opted-in donors with a sense of urgency. The interactivity of SMS and speed of response also is proven. Panelists will discuss:

? How nonprofits can acquire a common short code
? How to set up an SMS program
? Deploying SMS campaigns
? Tying SMS with other fundraising marketing outreach
? Working with wireless carriers and mobile marketing partners
? Best-practice tips

Matthew Valleskey, senior marketing manager for mobile services, Neustar
Shira Simmonds, president, Ping Mobile
Tim Miller, president, Sumotext
Christian Zimmern, vice president, Mobile Giving Foundation

Dan Butcher, staff reporter, Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily

11 a.m.
ASPCA, Department of State and the Securities & Exchange Commission: How to Create an Effective Mobile Web Operation
Today’s consumers maintain a hectic on-the-go lifestyle, using their mobile phone for searching, shopping, communicating, entertainment and engaging with advertising and marketing. Given the new breed of smartphones and affordable all-you-can eat data packages, consumers now expect the same Web experience on mobile devices that they get on desktop and laptop computers. Donors are no different. Attendees will learn:

? Why a mobile Web presence should be a top priority for nonprofits and government agencies
? How to create and maintain a mobile Web site
? Case studies
? Platform or in-house: options open to nonprofits and government agencies
? Making the mobile site searchable on the mobile Web

Annette Tonti, CEO, MoFuse
Ran Farmer, managing director for North America, Netbiscuits

Rimma Kats, editorial assistant, Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily

12 noon
Are Applications a Necessary Luxury for Nonprofits?
Applications get all the buzz in the media and at conferences. And while they work for consumer brands and media properties, are they a fit for nonprofits? Will having an application and encouraging donors to download them to their smartphones strengthen their bonds of loyalty? Session panelists will discuss:

? Whether an application makes sense for a nonprofit
? How to create and maintain an application
? How many applications to create – iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm and Nokia Ovi?
? Will the iPad application help nonprofits?

Eric A. Litman, CEO, Medialets
Chris Cunningham, founder, appsavvy

Dan Butcher, staff reporter, Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily

1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Sponsored Lunch Break

2 p.m.
How to Create Effective Mobile Advertising Campaigns That Engage Donors and Prospects
Nonprofits might be tempted to apply the same rules to mobile ad campaigns that apply to online. They would need to think twice before doing that. The mobile device’s screen size versus the computer’s – or even a layout in print – means that creative and call to action require special attention. So does location. However, mobile banners do share with online units the ability to let consumers interact in a two-way manner to drive traffic to Web destinations either for donations or alert registrations. In addition to creative, nonprofits will also need to figure how to measure the performance of these campaigns on various media buys. Session attendees will learn:

? How to deploy a mobile ad campaign
? The role of location-based ads
? Making a smart media buy
? Budgeting for a mobile ad program
? Creative dos and don’ts
? Measuring the performance of a campaign

Alexandra Jorissen, director of advertising sales, Jumptap
David Staas, senior vice president of marketing, JiWire

Mack McKelvey, senior vice president of marketing, Millennial Media

3 p.m.
Saddleback Church: How One of the Largest Churches Nationwide has a Purpose-Driven Mobile Program
Few haven’t heard of “The Purpose-Driven Life,” Saddleback Church founder Pastor Rick Warren’s bestseller on how to focus on the truth that life is “not about you.” Based in Lake Forest, CA, the 31-year-old church currently has more than 200 ministries and several locations. In addition to tapping the Internet, the church deploys SMS to its members as well as encourages downloads of its iPhone application. This case study will discuss how:

? Saddleback Church deploys SMS for polling at events, pagers for parents to stay connected to children, inspirational daily verses
? The text-to-screen experience
? SMS’ role in building a loyal database
? The workings of the iPhone application
? Integrating mobile with Saddleback’s multichannel outreach

Shane Neman, CEO, EZ Texting

Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief, Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily

4 p.m.
Mobile Fundraising and the Law: Legal Dos and Don’ts
While mobile is a relatively new medium for advertising, marketing, content and commerce, some of the same rules that apply to other traditional channels apply here as well. Rules regarding engagement with consumers over the Internet, for example, would be applicable to mobile if the content is available on Web-enabled smartphone. However, getting messages across via SMS requires double opt-in. And what about the regulations around mobile fundraising? The penalties for ignoring mobile rules and regulations, given the highly personal nature of the channel, are severe. In this final session, attendees will learn:

? What are the rules that govern each mobile channel: SMS, mobile Web, applications, videos and location-based services?
? What are the potential minefields with mobile fundraising?
? Do privacy concerns play a big role in mobile?
? 5 best-practice dos and don’ts with mobile fundraising, advertising, marketing, content and commerce

Adam Snukal, attorney, Reed Smith
Jeffrey D. Neuburger, partner, Proskauer
Senny Boone, senior vice president for corporate and social responsibility, DMA

Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief, Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily

5 p.m.
Networking Session: Wine and Beer Hour

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