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American Eagle expands mobile loyalty program to more than 1,000 stores

American Eagle Outfitters is expanding its mobile loyalty program nationally after a successful pilot, enabling more customers to earn rewards by simply walking into a store and to receive special offers.

The app is being rolled out to over 1,000 American Eagle Outfitters and aerie stores throughout the country, giving customers a way to earn points when they walk into a store. Additionally, customers will be able to receive special offers using the shopkick application.

“Retailers can use the power of the smartphone to make that experience in the store a better one for shoppers, and that’s where shopkick comes in,”  said Doug Galen, chief revenue officer at shopkick, Palo Alto, CA.

“Retailers and brands can attract shoppers by working together, through shopkick, to offer rewards to shoppers for visiting, interacting with products and for purchases,” he said.

“Shopkick personalizes the shopping experience and provides a powerful incentive to shop in-store.

A week of offers
During a two-year pilot of the shopkick app at over 200 stores, American Eagle Outfitters found that the app is an effective way to engage customers with the brand, increase traffic and sales and drive higher purchase amounts.

To promote the app during its national rollout, American Eagle Outfitters and aerie are featuring a week of special shopkick offers, including 200 bonus points for walking in plus 20 percent off the total purchase price on June 6. Other offers on other days include 15 percent off swimwear, 15 percent off footwear and 15 percent off jeans.

Aerie is offering 200 bonus points for walking plus a free matching pair of underwear with any bra purchase between June 6 and 10.

The chain also aggressively promotes the shopkick app and how customers can use it earn rewards with signage in store aisles and inside changing rooms. Additionally, a large billboard above the American Eagle Outfitters store in New York City’s Times Square highlights the app.

When a shopkick user walks into an American Eagle Outfitters or aerie store, the app detects the shopkick signal and the store delivers points directly to the app.

The points can be collected at all shopkick partner store locations and redeemed for in-store gift cards, movie tickets and Facebook Credits.

American Eagle Outfitters is the only retailer that integrates shopkick rewards, or “kicks,” with its own loyalty program, enabling customers to turn their kicks into AE Rewards points.

The shopkick app is available for free on the iPhone from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Shopkick is currently available to use at over 6,600 retail locations including Best Buy, Macy’s, Old Navy and Target. Shopkick reports that over one billion in-app deals and offers have been viewed since the app was launched.

“Shopkick is the only rewards program in which multiple brand and retailers use the same currency to offer rewards,” Mr. Galen said. “That is great for consumers, who can combine the value of all the rewards they earned while shopping and choose how they want to treat themselves. 

“In the world of mobile, as much as every retailer wants shoppers to download their apps, it’s unrealistic for consumers to download and use 40 different apps for 40 different stores,” he said. 

“Shoppers want simplicity and shopkick is delivering a simple, fun and valuable experience. For example, a customer can receive rewards at American Eagle, Target and Macy’s and cash it in for a gift card at Best Buy, or another option in the Rewards Mall.”