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American Apparel drives in-store traffic via location-based discounts

The company used Grindr’s location-based messaging during New York Fashion Week. The promotion ran on Monday.

“The idea is that the American Apparel audience and the Grindr audience are very compatible, so marrying the two with a promotion like this is a great partnership that benefits both brands,” said Joel Simkhai, founder/CEO of Grindr, Los Angeles.

“Since this campaign is only targeted to users located near American Apparel stores in New York, American Apparel is only reaching relevant shoppers and maximizing their marketing dollars,” he said.

Deals in New York
During the promotion, Grindr users in New York City who logged into the application received a pop-up message displayed on their iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry.

The message said that American Apparel had a one-day 20-percent-off discount on Sept. 13.

Users who clicked on “more” were brought to a landing page that included store locations – clickable to maps – store hours and phone numbers – clickable to call – and further information about the promotion. 

“We are broadcasting this discount to our over 50,000 Grindr users in the New York City area,” Mr. Simkhai said. “With our users spending on average 1.5 hours daily on the app, that translates into great exposure for this American Apparel promotion. 

“We are also publicizing this special on Facebook, Twitter and our blog,” he said. “The target demographic for this specific broadcast message is Grindr users in the New York City area who are active during Fashion Week and who also happen to be current or potential American Apparel shoppers. 

“In total, the promotion will reach all active Grindr users in the New York City Metropolitan area.”

Here is a screen grab of the promo:

In-store attraction
Additionally, users who took part in the promotion had the choice to go to any of the American Apparel stores and show or mention Grindr at check-out.

Then, they received the exclusive 20 percent discount. 

Grindr is currently working with other retailers, although it would not disclose which ones.

“Going forward, there will be an app for everyone – not just men – which will allow everyone to better socialize and interact with their immediate surroundings,” Mr. Simkhai said. “Our app is already revolutionizing the way people meet people and interact socially. 

“Now we’re eager to bring this functionality to the rest of the world,” he said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats, editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily, New York