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Allstate drives up brand merchandise sales with updated in-app rewards

Allstate Insurance is providing consumers with more incentive to drive safely by updating its application to feature Allstate Rewards, a platform that enables users to accumulate points to redeem for deals such as gift cards, local offers and brand merchandise.

The insurer is branching out from a solitary focus on insurance offerings to provide customers with relevant rewards for completing safe driving challenges within the brand’s Drivewise mobile application. Any driver, regardless of his or her insurance policy and company affiliation, may use the app to log driving records and accumulate points to redeem for prizes from top brands including The North Face, Lacoste and Nike.

“We see Allstate Rewards as an important way to have frequent, positive engagements with our customers and all consumers,” said Justin Herndon, spokesman for Allstate Insurance, Northbrook, IL. “We hope the rewards platform will help encourage continued safe driving.”

Differentiating itself
Allstate Insurance is attempting to stand out from the crowded sector of insurance companies by rolling out an app update that provides real utility to consumers attempting to curb some of their detrimental driving habits.

The latest Drivewise app integration allows consumers to engage in safe driving techniques tied to a points systems that offers savings on big-brand items, such as kate spade bags, as well as gift card purchases and local offers.

Users may also bid on auctions and enter to win sweepstakes.

Allstate is aiming to entice more consumers to use the app by allowing any individual, even if he or she does not maintain a policy with the company, to participate in the rewards platform.

Members do not need to make purchases or pay their bills to receive points, a move that suggests more marketers’ programs should offer incentives based on brand loyalty rather than amount spent by consumers.

“Registered drivers earn points they can redeem for savings on thousands of items available from major name brands like The North Face, Nike, kate spade, Oakley, Fossil, Lacoste and many others,” Mr. Herndon said. “In the near future, we anticipate adding a travel feature to the rewards platform, too, which would mean savings on trips [including hotels].”

Drivers in 47 U.S. states are eligible to redeem points for the items. The app is available to download for iOS and Android devices.

Engaging challenges
Drivewise users can pull up the app on their smartphones to record their driving methods. The updated interactive challenges show the amount of points a consumer can win for successfully completing the task.

For example, individuals are asked to drive below 80 miles per hour or refrain from braking heavily for three consecutive days.

The app shows users their current points balance when they log in, and also displays any daily deals that they can take advantage of. The commerce aspect offers optimal cross-marketing opportunities for Allstate Insurance and other big merchandise brands seeking to ramp up in-app sales.

Consumers will earn 10,000 points for their initial sign-up, with an additional 5,000 points available upon the first visit to the rewards site.

Allstate has previously turned to mobile to bolster audience awareness and reach previously untapped demographics.

This past January, the company promoted its home insurance offerings with an initiative starring its Mayhem character in Tweets intended to make consumers aware of how what they post on social media sites could make them vulnerable to being robbed (see story).

“We believe the updated Drivewise app will provide a unique way for consumers to interact with Allstate in a way they may not expect from an insurance company,” Mr. Herndon said. “We want to be there for consumers at all times, not just in a time of need.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely, editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York