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AisleBuyer allows consumers to buy in-store, online via one mobile transaction

The company believes that the full multichannel checkout service will provide shoppers with a more personalized in-store experience. In addition, consumers can scan bar codes, read product information and reviews.

“With the addition of multichannel checkout, we’re helping retailers fix the top reasons for abandonment during the in-store shopping experience,” said Andrew Paradise, CEO of AisleBuyer, Boston.

“Consumers can purchase items in-store from our app as released last fall, and can now also purchase items from a retailer’s online catalog in the same transaction,” he said. “So if an item is out of stock, the consumer can scan the bar code on the shelf and order that item shipped to their house.

“Or, in another example, a consumer can walk around the home scanning items to build a shopping list for in-store or a mobile ecommerce order. We’re creating a more seamless, comprehensive shopping experience for customers, and a more efficient and dynamic store experience for retailers.”

AisleBuyer is a mobile shopping platform that is revolutionizing the in-store shopping experience.

Tailored shopping
Via the app, consumers can receive tailored discounts and check-out without having to wait in line, as well as buy products online as part of a single transaction.

According to Mr. Paradise, after eliminating checkout lines with mobile self-checkout, the company realized that in-store transactions and ecommerce transactions should not be two separate things.

“The functionality is currently launched at our pilot customer, Magic Beans, and we’re discussing the addition of multichannel checkout and wish list functionality with retailers across multiple industries which will be launching later this year,” Mr. Paradise said.

“At our core, we are a mobile multichannel commerce enabler,” he said. “By partnering with retailers, we bring the best aspects of online shopping to a physical store with mobile self-checkout, and now we’re expanding on this with the addition of more traditional mcommerce functionality, to create the best retail experience possible for consumers across all channels.”

Mobile enhancements
AisleBuyer has also added additional features to the app.

Shoppers can now create personalized wish and gift lists, saving items for future reference.

Additionally, consumers can browse a retailer’s entire product catalog from the app, all of which can be purchased in store or online.

“Over the next few months, we have several game changing announcements for the multichannel space,” Mr. Paradise said.

“We will be announcing new customers, major new functionality and new ways shoppers and retailers can leverage smartphones to improve the in-store shopping experience,” he said.