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AisleBuyer expands self-checkout app to BlackBerry devices

The mobile app lets consumers to scan bar codes inside retail stores using their device’s. Consumers can read product information and reviews, as well as receive targeted promotional offers.

“We knew it was crucial to continue our operating system expansion to appeal to retailers and consumers alike,” said Andrew Paradise, CEO of AisleBuyer, Boston. “Having rolled out iPhone and Android apps, BlackBerry was the logical next step based on current market share.

“With the addition of BlackBerry support, AisleBuyer can offer mobile self-checkout to more than 80 percent of the U.S. smartphone market,” he said. “AisleBuyer is the first and only mobile self-checkout provider to offer support for BlackBerry.”

AisleBuyer is a mobile shopping platform that is revolutionizing the in-store shopping experience.   

Shopping behavior
The BlackBerry app will help retailers gain insight into shopping behavior through analytics and will help them grow the relationship between their company and consumers.

According to Mr. Paradise, the inclusion of BlackBerry customers will help retailers recapture lost transactions caused by cart abandonment due to long checkout lines or a lack of detailed product information.

“We are constantly evaluating mobile operating system market share, and are developing on the platforms that people are adopting,” Mr. Paradise said.

“BlackBerry has a significant market share, with over a quarter of all smart phone owners having BlackBerry devices, so this was a great platform for us to expand on,” he said.

Key features
The application lets consumers create wish lists containing saved products for future reference or purchase.

Consumers can also browse and search a retailers’ complete online product catalog.

“BlackBerry support is a very appealing aspect of our technology to the retailers we work with,” Mr. Paradise said. “We’ve received positive feedback from the retail community on our introduction of support for BlackBerry.

“We’re continuing to market and evangelize mobile self-checkout, and BlackBerry support will help reach a larger audience,” he said.

“AisleBuyer will be launching national retailers by the end of the year and we are working on new features and functionality to to optimize the shopping experience for consumers.”